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Kim Walsh Phillips Presents...

FREE: "10 Lead Generation and Sales Strategies For Less Than $10"  

How to Get Leads And Sales Every Day (Spending Little To Nothing!) 


September 14, 2018 // Noon ET/ 11am CT/ 9am PT

This is a one-time only FREE live webcast so mark it on your calendar and block out the time

On this 100% FREE Live Webcast You'll Get...

  • The "Hotel Hijack" Facebook Strategy Where You Can Pinpoint Where You'll Attract Dozens or Hundreds of Your Ideal Customers...AWAY FROM YOUR COMPETITION 
  • The Totally FREE Social Posting Template That'll Have People Swarming to You Like Never Before...This Works for EVERYONE From Tiny Start-Ups to Celebrity Brands! 
  • The 5-Minute "Carpool Lane" Script That Generates Thousands of Dollars in Your Spare Time. Have a Few-Minute Wait? You'll Discover How to Turn "Lost Time" Into "Profit-Time" Earning Hundreds of Dollars a Minute
  • Want People Competing to Do Business With You? Here's an AGE-OLD Proven Strategy Hidden in Plain Sight That You Can Use to Literally Get Your Customers, Clients, or Patients Lining Up to Buy From You 
  • "REAL-ESTATE-RECLAMATION" Strategy! This One Thing Could Totally Change the Way You Get Leads Forever. You'll See Where You Have Potential Sales Flying Out the Window (and into the hands of your competitors) and EXACTLY How to Get Them Buying From You IMMEDIATELY. Best Part Is...You Could Have This Up and Running Next Week...Next Best Part...it's 100% FREE 
  • Turn Your Facebook Page Into a Literal Sales Machine. This Simple Technology Takes 5 Minutes to Set Up, Is FREE, and Nearly No One Is Using It (but those that are are making a killing with it) 
  • This Ingenious Strategy Is "Slap-Your-Head-Simple" But Generates Sales Using Something That Literally Costs Pennies and Turns a WORTHLESS Piece of Paper into Your Secret Sales Army! 
  • Multiply Your Best Customers By Getting Your Best Custmers to Refer Their Best Friends and Compete for the Opportunity 
  • 5 Ways Your Prospects Are Trying to Buy From You That You're Silently Saying "No Thanks" and Don't Even Know It! Instead of Pushing These People Away Get Them Handing You Their Credit Card 
  • FINALLY...the BIGGEST Mistake (and BIGGEST Opportunity) for EVERY Business. Get This One Thing Right and It'll Change How You Get Clients and Make Sales Forever. And You Can Have This Up And Running In Less Than 10 Days.  

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