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Team Powerful’s Favorite Apps and Tools

Is it just me or when Waze announces a new route mid-way through a trip that will cut out even 8 minutes of time, I get a little boost of endorphins… 8 found minutes! Kidding. Sort of. But the reality is, I am a sucker for an app or tool that can save time and...
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Mariah Carey would not be proud [This Spoof]

Nothing says “holiday spirit” like a good old fashioned Mariah Carey Spoof. So as our gift to you…here is Team Powerful singing off tune… Cheers, Kim “The Blooper Reel is Worth It” Walsh Phillips
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Get your giggle on…

This made me laugh and I think you will, too.  And a good reminder that if you can help out those “last minute” shopper folks with a promotion or offer before the end of the year, you should.
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The 20th Annual Things We Are Thankful For List

Because it’s our 20th year in business (yet still tell me we look good for our age, ’cause that never gets old), Team Powerful and I are sharing the 20 things we are most thankful for this year. Check out our list and add yours to the comments and you just might win some #PowerSwag. The 20th...
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A Look Back at Launch Academy Live

I woke up yesterday looking for the dance party, Jessica working alongside of me, and a constant delivery of Starbucks. But alas, all I had was my neighbor’s dog wedding. That my friend, is a story for another day, so you can let out the sigh of relief now. Here is a copy of the...
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The (Hilarious) Entrepreneur Formula

Our team is all hands on deck today for Launch Academy Live. So, a quick funny share on the fluffy crazy pants things entrepreneurs say, because we could all use some humor right about now… Get your giggle on… Cheers, Kim “Enjoying Every Minute of this Journey” Walsh Phillips
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The New Six-Figure Course Launch x 3

“One Size Fits All.” My 4’11” self knows this statement is not true when it comes to clothing. It also isn’t true when it comes to launching a course. From having coached hundreds of entrepreneurs through their first course launch, I have identified three types of launches that multiply time and passive income for their...
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The One Strategy We Used to Generate 2.73 Million in Revenue With Cold Traffic

I still remember the exact moment… We had just turned the corner in the boat and would soon exit right to be off to our next ride. I took a second to glance at my phone during the deboarding standstill and there it was… I had brought in enough sales while hosting my friends and...
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