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How To Add Six (or even Seven) Figures To Your Business
WithOUT Spending a Dime on Advertising
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The Real Story Behind My First Launch

I knew I had stumbled onto something amazing. The first person I called when I found out was Kelly LeMay, our Chief Operations Officer, my work wife of 14+ years now.   I shared what I had just learned and told her we should bring all of our clients together and start a new service for...
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Getting Your Audience Messaging Right Example: Ricky Gervais’ Monologue – 2020 Golden Globes

What did you think of his speech? Let me know in the comments. Want to know how to nail your audience messaging? Join me for this one-day workshop.
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How to Quickly Grow Your Brand And Generate More Sales Using Your UCA

Sloooooow.  That is how I would describe my audience growth at the start. It basically worked like this… I would go to a networking event, get a business card, go back to my office and enter it into my Outlook account.  Then, I would try and connect with this new contact on social media. The...
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Birthday Week Continues: Favorite Growth Hacks

Back in the day, I brought in new clients the way I saw everyone else around me doing it. I networked and answered Requests for Proposals. I’d attend referral group meetings and Chamber events. Dragging myself with a smile pasted on, trying to meet the next person who needed my services. I’d spend hours creating...
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Birthday Week Kick-Off: Kim’s Travel Perk Giveaway

I just got back late last night from a long weekend away to visit our friends back in NJ with my kiddos. This weekend I am doing a quick getaway with some friends. And next week, conference season starts. If there is a constant in my life, it is travel. And I love it. But...
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This is How You Webinar [Funny Video]

I am giving a brand new masterclass Wednesday, The Weird Webinar Hacks that Generated $72,481.00 in One Hour, and in preparation, I was online doing some research. While searching the Tube, I found this funny one I think you’ll enjoy: Enjoy! Cheers, Kim “Love Geek Humor” Walsh Phillips
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3 (New) Things that Work on a Webinar

Recently I set out on a mission… I put on my uniform of hair in bun, yoga pants on and coffee in hand and started researching hacks we could test on our webinars to multiply our sales. The goal was to do what we were already doing, but improve our closing rate dramatically. I tested....
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