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$300,000 and some rad people

You’ve heard me mention it. And if you are on the platform, have seen me speak on it. Because it is an incredible platform to serve your market and drive in business. In fact, in a two-week campaign we drove in over $300,000 from the platform. I talked about it recently with my friend Steve...
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How to Pitch a Shark

On yesterday’s livecast, Kevin “Mr. Wonderful O’Leary” spilled the tea. You see,  at Launch Academy Live next week, we are having a pitch competition where you can compete to win a $25,000 marketing package. And Kevin is one of our judges. Well, on yesterday’s livecast he revealed exactly how to win the pitch competition. Check...
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Launch Academy Live Pitch Contest

At our last Launch Academy Live, we were blown away by the number of pitch submissions that came in for our Shark Tank Pitch Competition with Kevin O’Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful. The judging was tough. The competition was fierce. And the finalists and winners were well deserving. The finalists and winners are listed below. And,...
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What is Clubhouse?

I’ve spent some major time investment on the new social network Clubhouse, getting to know the platform, connecting with others and building a following. I’ve received leads to our challenge, bookings for podcasts and shows, features in magazines and more goodies. If you want more on what the heck Clubhouse is, check out this video.
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Team Powerful’s Favorite Apps and Tools

Is it just me or when Waze announces a new route mid-way through a trip that will cut out even 8 minutes of time, I get a little boost of endorphins… 8 found minutes! Kidding. Sort of. But the reality is, I am a sucker for an app or tool that can save time and...
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Mariah Carey would not be proud [This Spoof]

Nothing says “holiday spirit” like a good old fashioned Mariah Carey Spoof. So as our gift to you…here is Team Powerful singing off tune… Cheers, Kim “The Blooper Reel is Worth It” Walsh Phillips
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Get your giggle on…

This made me laugh and I think you will, too.  And a good reminder that if you can help out those “last minute” shopper folks with a promotion or offer before the end of the year, you should.
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The 20th Annual Things We Are Thankful For List

Because it’s our 20th year in business (yet still tell me we look good for our age, ’cause that never gets old), Team Powerful and I are sharing the 20 things we are most thankful for this year. Check out our list and add yours to the comments and you just might win some #PowerSwag. The 20th...
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