Powerful Professionals Names Top Experts 2019

What does it take to be named a top expert? The following entrepreneurs have demonstrated a commitment to their business and to themselves by using all that their Powerful Professionals membership and coaching provide to achieve amazing success in 2019.  

And here they are……

Laurie Barraco- The Mystical Moon

The Mystical Moon has two brick and mortar stores as well as an online e-commerce store. Laurie also provides spiritual counseling, host meditation classes, and teaches people how to bring more zen into their lives.

To find out more about Laurie, go to https://themysticalmoon.com

Bobbi-Jo Brighton- Boldful.Life – Women’s Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness Coach for Emerging & Evolving Women Leaders

To find out more about Bobbi-Jo go to www.Boldful.Life

Chris Burns- Techie Gurus

We deliver secure, highly available, and scalable IT systems that have allowed customers to add multiple sites and more than quadruple their business. In fact, one of our customers went from $10 million to over $60 million in 4 years without any IT headaches or growing pains!

To find out more go to https://techiegurus.com or sales@techiegurus.com

Walter Campbell- Global Access Inc.

Are you an MSP or IT Service Firm looking for 5th generation data breach prevention technology to eliminate email threats while providing an invitation based business class email, messaging and file sharing service built with military grade security in every aspect. Be the first provider, in your area, to offer your clients the way to eliminate the financial loss, headaches and risk of phishing, ransomware and malware before it reaches your Clients Network!

For more info about Walter, go to https://dittocast.com/ or email walterc@globalaccessinc.com

Jennifer Carmen- The Parenting Paradise

A place for parents of babies, toddlers and up to teens to learn the most effective tools for calm, confident, compassionate parenting. The mystery of parenting is removed, the nagging, whining, arguing, tantrums become history through my programs, workshops, and on-on-one coaching for people worldwide.

To learn more, go to www.TheParentingParadise.com


George Cowan- Cowan Video Services

Cowan Video Services offers the following type of Videos: Done For You (DFY) videos with 200 templates to choose from https://videoplace.cowanvideoservices.com/ and completely personalized videos The North Digital Marketing division offers Digital Marketing services and Mobile First website creation https://mobile.northdigitalmarketing.com loading in 1 to 3 seconds which Google likes.

To learn more, go to https://mobile.northdigitalmarketing.com https://videoplace.cowanvideoservices.com/ or email, George at: George@cowanvideoservices.com

Kevin Daly, MA, BCCC, BCPC- Broken Chains International

We provide Christian counseling & life coaching to children, individuals, couples, families, leaders and their teams. We help you live free and love well through hourly, intensive and virtual programs.

To learn more about Kevin go to BrokenChainsIntl.com or call Ph: 800-910-5060 Text: 678-608-2111

Angel France Dugas – Your Magnetic Brand

Angel is a business minded entrepreneur with a heart for branding women’s image and tends to say Awesome and Wow more than anyone really wants to hear. Angel France Dugas has traveled nationally and internationally as a speaker, coach and trainer. (Fun Fact: as a child she changed her clothing 4 to 6 times a day.) She believes that prepared her to share with women that they have 4 different costumes they change into on a daily basis. She’s obsessed with empowering women to be their very best to increase their opportunities and profits. Angels superpower is to bring out the inner beauty and WOW Factor of women in the Direct Sales and Network Marketing Industry. She is a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, nanny, stepmom, dancer and knows God inspires her.

To Learn more about Angel go to www.yourmagneticbrand.com

Michele GiacominiDragonfly Ranch Consulting

Michele Giacomini is the founder and Director for Dragonfly Ranch Consulting. With over 15 years of Public & Media Relations experience, & almost 20 years in education, she brings her strong marketing strategies, her project management skills and her undeniable energy to the table to support each and every client. One of her many strengths is working with struggling individuals and helping them to find their path to achieve success, including in areas for career transition and organizational strategies, as well as helping small business owners and start-ups self-promote on their small marketing budgets.

To learn more about Michele go to www.TheDragonflyRanch.com


Barbara Harrington-  Coach Barbara Harrington/No Limits Coaching

Barbara helps clients to create better results in their business (and in life) through a proven, step-by-step process so that they can live the life they envision.  

To find out more about Barbara, go to www.CoachBarbaraHarrington.com or email her directly at barbara@coachbarbaraharrington.com

Tammy Harris, Founder & Marketing Director- Voyagers.Club

Connecting boat owners with boat businesses who provide discounts on boating services, marine products, yacht equipment and so much more.

 To find out more about Tammy go to www.Voyagers.Club or email her at  Tammyh@Voyagers.Club

Val Heart, The Real Dr Doolittle & Animal Communicator to the StarsHeart Communication Enterprises Inc

Val can help you learn how to create a magical bond between you and your animal and get at the root of what is really going on in their life. Not the typical animal communicator or teacher, her specialty is healing and solving problems with pets through a uniquely powerful spiritual journey. Students find her training to be life changing and profound. If you want to learn how to talk to animals yourself, and you don’t want to waste a lot of time, energy and money chasing your tail on expensive onsite coursework, then Val can help! The Heart School Method of teaching animal communication is designed to give you exactly what you need to open, explore and master the telepathic energetic communication channels between you and animals.

To find out more about Val, go to www.ValHeart.com, www.LearnHowToTalkToAnimals.com,  www.ShowHorseExpert.com

Donna Hovey- Rare Quality Models & Talent

Donna is the founder and owner of Rare Quality Models & Talent a full service model and talent agency in Alabama. She represents professional models and actors in the Alabama, Florida, Georgia tri state area.

To learn more about Donna go to http://rqmodels.com/ or email her at rarequality@hotmail.com

Francesca Hutchinson- Thriving With Keto

Fransceesca coaches people who are interested in following the proven Keto method. She provides new recipes, coaching and kickstarting tips for her members.

To find out more about Francesca go to www.ThrivingWithKeto.com


Jon Kapity- Perpetual Customer Growth

Jon focuses on acquiring the customer and then and keeping them. His philosophy is that maximizing their lifetime value and getting referrals is the most effective way to grow your business.

To learn more about Jon go to https://www.perpetualcustomergrowth.com/

Dan Kelly- Trainwithdk

For more information about Dan go to www.trainwithdk.com

Bonnie McCulleyYour Sacred Power

Answer your call soul-heartedly — Your call is the answer.

To learn more about Bonnie go to https://www.yoursacredpower.com

Valerie  Mih- Quantum Force Kids

Quantum Force Kids develops innovative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) learning products focused on introducing kids to quantum physics. Founded by former Pixar artists and leading educational researchers, we combine engaging animation, interactive games and STEM concepts to create fun, easy-to-understand and effective learning experiences for children.

To learn more about Valerie go to http://www.quantumforcekids.com; press inquiries to valerie@quantumforcekids.com

Ray Miller FDNP, LMT, Ray Miller Health Coaching

Ray is a function al diagnostic nutrition practitioner who works with busy professionals and motivated indiviuals to transform their health for optimal living.

To learn more about Ray go to https://raymillerhealthcoaching.com

Michael Mohoric- Qigong Energy Healing

Specializing in Global Qigong Distant Energy Healing, Chakra Healing, Feng Shui and Animal Healing by former Secretary of the International Tibetan Qigong Assoc.

To learn more about Michael go to https://www.qigongenergyhealing.com/

Janet More- The Geek Whisperer

I help single men in tech…ie Geeks, who have been struggling talking to women & getting a date by warpspeeding their confidence with women (vaporizing fear, doubt & nervousness) so asking out a woman, going in for the kiss & asking her to be your gal is 2nd nature! As a Geek myself,(with Computer Science degree), I ‘Speak-Geek’, as I have been working in the tech industry for over 20 years! Having completely transformed my own timid nature, I also understand how my fellow geek can feel! By working with me, my clients are in happy and fulfilling relationships…waking up next to the ‘avatar’ woman of their dreams!

To learn more about Janet go to https://www.geekwhispererconfidence.com or email her at janet@geekwhispererconfidence.com

Lisa McNair Palmer, Esq.- Law Office of Lisa McNair Palmer PLLC

I help disabled Veterans and other disabled clients get the VA and Social Security disability benefits they need and deserve. I am privileged to practice law in a way that makes the most of my talents and helps my clients and their families feel more secure and sleep better at night.

To learn more about Lisa go to  www.linkedin.com/in/lisamcnairpalmer or email her at  



Jennifer Paganessi- At Home With Jen

At Home with Jen is dedicated to bringing you education about changing your lifestyle to keep healthy. By ditching the toxins out of her lifestyle, Jen is recovering from her auto-immune disease and has dramatically improved her health. She teaches how to improve your health by changing out little things each day.

To learn more go to https://athomewithjen.com/  or you can email Jennifer at: jen@athomewithjen.com


Jana Riggan- Newcastle Life magazine

Newcastle Life magazine is about the people who live in Newcastle WA. We feature stories on families, pets, homes, kids and athletes, resident businesses and more. We also feature stories on our business sponsors, allowing advertisers the opportunity to tell their story to the community and increase sales through referrals.

For more information about Jana go to jaan.riggan@n2pub.com

Dr Fred Rouse, CFP The REAL Money Doctor

Dr Fred Rouse, CFP , The REAL Money Doctor, is the premier authority in the U.S. for Short Window Retirement Planning. The system he personally developed for the specific needs of people 50 and older that want to retire in the next 3-5 years without worrying about Stock Market crashes.

To learn more about Dr. Fred go to www.Dr RouseNow.com

Dr. Teri Rouse- KIDS- Interventions and Direct Services

Learn a simple system for creating effective programs that guide your child to success. I work with children and their families providing academic, behavioral and emotional support.

To learn more about Dr. Teri go to http://drterirouse.com or email her at DrTeri@DrTeriRouse.com

Mary Beth Stenzel- Merchant Savers

Providing merchant services (ability to accept credit, debit and all Gift Cards!) for businesses nationwide. Also, provide true Chargeback Insurance for less than $15 a month.

To learn more about Mary Beth go to mstenzel.merstech.com or you can email her at mstenzel@mersatech.com

Dr. Thomas Joel Vance- Tutor Doctor Knoxville

Private In-home tutoring, all ages, all subjects. We believe in a collaborative, one-to-one approach and work together with your child to identify the perfect tutor, and the right strategies, to help them succeed. We have your child’s best interests at heart. We listen to, understand, and build an educated support team to help your student become an academic champion for life. Your goals are our goals. We help get your child where they need to be by building a tailor-made plan that gets results.

To learn more about Dr. Vance go to www.tutordoctor.com/knoxville

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