3 (New) Things that Work on a Webinar

Recently I set out on a mission…

I put on my uniform of hair in bun, yoga pants on and coffee in hand and started researching hacks we could test on our webinars to multiply our sales.

The goal was to do what we were already doing, but improve our closing rate dramatically.

I tested.  And tested. Drank some more coffee. Watched a little Real Housewives (judge as you will) and tested some more.

And I was able to uncover what worked and what didn’t.

By testing, we increased our webinar sales 234%.

Oh. Heck. Yes.

Guessing you want some of that?

If you want to 10x your webinar sales, here are three things that I would try first.

1. On The Thank You Page… 

The most important thing you need to do after someone registers for your webinar is get the to add it to their calendar. 


Because you need them to show up for the webinar if they are going to buy your offer.

One trick that works is to put a video on the thank you page that congratulates them on registering, tells them what they can expect on the webcast, to add the event to their calendar right then and then to leave a comment about something below.

It  not only gets them to register, but creates instant social proof that others are going to attend as well.

Our show up rate more than doubled putting this hack in place.

2. When you first get started… 

When starting the webcast, you’ve got to begin with super high energy and show your excitement for what you are about to share with them. Because if you aren’t excited, why should they be?

Set the tone that what they about to experience will change the game for them and so they need to pay attention.

Further get their commitment to make this front and center by not only telling them close out of any other windows and turn off the sound on their phones, but you do the exact same thing do they mirror you.

I turn my phone off at the start of my webinar every single time and it helps create engagement from the start.

Super important if you want them to still be there at the end to take the next step at the end of your webinar.

3. Seed Your Q&A with Common Objections.

Offer to you attendees that you will answer their questions at the end of your webinar.

When you are getting in q&a time, tell them that while they enter their questions, you have a few common ones you always get that you’d like to start with.

Address those up front before you start answering the others.

Interestingly enough, most of our sales come in during the q&a time.

Of course, this isn’t all that worked…

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14 Responses
    1. Kim Phillips

      I literally do when I go live 😉 . Thanks for commenting, Jeffrey.

  1. I LOVE the idea of actually turning off your phone as the presenter on camera. I always set my phone to Do Not Disturb before I go on camera. Doing it on camera builds extra reciprocity. If I’m dedicating my time to you as a presenter, then you’re my likely to dedicate your time as well. Awesome! 💥💥💥

  2. Davide Camporotondo Marino

    Point #2 is soooo true… I’ve been on webinars where the presenters were literally half asleep!!! Those rare times I’ve purchased products or services on webinars the hosts were super hyped up! Also, one thing I find effective is when I get a confirmation e-mail that I’ve successfully signed up and then I click on the email their is a congratulations display(like exploding fireworks!!). That also is attention getting in my opinion and few online marketers are doing it.

  3. I love love love the congrats video on the Thank You page, outlining what to expect on the live webinar, saving the date to their calendar (but most of all) I love the ‘leave a comment below’ request. I’m defo using this on my next webinar because if they expect me to address their comment personally ‘Live’, on the webinar then they’ll turn up for sure and I’ll have a far higher chance of converting them to a sale because I’ll have identified personal contact with them.

    1. Kim Phillips

      Yes! And it helps in advance of knowing exactly what they’re looking for.

  4. I like all of these. I personally am a fan of having the calendar option, I really like this option when signing up for a webinar because it makes it so easy to add to my calendar. But I also like the idea of seeing someone’s passion about the topic, it definately makes it more interesting.

    1. Kim Phillips

      Plus it increases show up rate. Thanks for writing, David.

  5. We have not been using videos on our “thank you” pages, but that is definitely something we will plan to implement this year. Great advice on incorporating social proof on that page as well—I had not thought of that!

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