5 Facebook Posts To Establish Yourself As The Expert

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Experts are paid more. Experts attract high quality clients. Experts are more profitable.

As Olaf would say, “All good things. All good things.”

So the question is…why aren’t you the expert and market leader in your niche?

Perhaps it is because the task of re-positioning yourself can seem daunting and out of reach. It can seem exhausting and unobtainable to shift perceptions and become the celebrity of your market.

But thankfully with social media, it doesn’t have to be.  You can leverage Facebook for free to claim your market position of marketing domination (Tweet this).  (Just be sure to remember the little people like me when you are sitting on your throne of awesomeness.)

Here are five posts (Tweet this), if used consistently, that can help you reach Expert Status:

  1. Author original content that is useful to your target market. Instead of simply sharing other people’s posts, authoring content showcasing your expertise goes a long way in securing your market leadership. As a time saver, I design my blog post title images so they will also work as a social media post.


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  1. Use Facebook Live. Connecting with your audience beyond text and opening up to live interaction is one of the most effective ways you can establish yourself as the authority in your niche.  You are basically creating your own media channel where you are the star, for free, and reaching a gazillion (scientific fact) people.  I put together several how-to’s about Facebook Live, but here’s a great one to start with: https://elitedigitalgroup.com/5-facebook-live-content-ideas/.



  1. Share Useful Resources. Some of my most popular posts were the ones where I shared my favorite marketing and sales books, apps or tools I use all of the time.  People want things that are valuable and will help save them time or make them money, or help them find out about something others don’t know. (We all secretly want to be the smarty pants of our circle! Yes, even you. J) Include this content in your regular schedule.



  1. Share your media. Multiple times. When you have the chance to be featured on media, whether it is the local paper, a podcast or the national spotlight, leverage multiple touch points to get the most out of the coverage.

a. Share as you are prepping for the segment or story and a few teaser posts ahead of time.




b. Images from the story


c. Share the story itself, tagging the media outlet


 All three times help to nudge you towards the #1 spot for your market.

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  1. Share photos of you with other market leaders. Surrounding yourself with celebrities in your niche helps you to become a celebrity yourself (Tweet this).  Plus, it is pretty freaking fun to meet the people you learn from and become their friends. If you need more places to interact with key leaders, industry conferences work well.  And to start rubbing elbows with the best and brightest stat, take a test drive of our Marketing Insiders Elite: http://www.marketinginsiderselite.com/


I’d like to give a few readers a jump-start on celebrity positioning.  Share a link to a recent blog post below in the comments and you could win 1 of 5 signed copies of my book, The No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing” with Dan Kennedy along with a Starbucks gift card to enjoy a little cup of joe while reading.  I will also pick one commenter to be featured as our spotlight interview for an issue of our Marketing Insiders Elite newsletter.

Post your links now and Good Luck!

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