5 Joint Promotion Ideas… And Bill Glazer’s New Book

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There are different ways of saying “we are working with others to accomplish one common goal.”

And it’s brilliant.

When you pull partners in, you build credibility to your project and you expand your reach far beyond what you could do on your own, at least without a hefty advertising budget.

And Bill Glazer’s new book is a perfect example…https://m120.isrefer.com/go/book/walsh

Glazer, marketing legend and former head of GKIC Insider’s Circle, put together this book project because he wanted to give back and help others. You see, a couple of years ago, after he sold GKIC, he had a stroke.

In his words, “I was fortunate to have a great team of therapists, and the loving support of my wife, children, and good friends, to help me through and speed my recovery, but many people aren’t that lucky, so I am donating ALL the proceeds from this book to a Non-Profit VETERANS AFFAIRS program that helps people from all walks of life who have had a STROKE to get the care and support they need.”

Instead of writing the book from scratch and doing all of the promotions, Bill put together the perfect example of a joint project that includes 49 different marketing leaders and their specific campaigns that drive marketing and sales results. As in, you get to see inside the greatest campaigns in the world so you can swipe and deploy them for your own business.

(Be one of the first to get your own copy here: https://m120.isrefer.com/go/book/walsh)

The book project serves as an incredible example of five different ways to run a joint promotion.

  1. Start with your A-Ish Listers. Bill asked some of his better-known clients such as Ryan Deiss and Russell Brunson to contribute a campaign to the book. These “marketing celebrities” helped to attract others like yours truly to support the project. Look into your circle of influence. Who do you know/have served who may be willing to jump in and help with a project, especially one that benefits a charity?
  2. Share their successes in your content. Bill had 49 people submit chapters for his book, giving him campaign after campaign to fill its pages. For all of my books, I have interviewed my contributors and turned the transcriptions of the interviews into book chapters. And to double dip the content, I use those same interviews as podcast episodes as well. If you aren’t writing a book, this type of content works great for your blog, social media posts, and newsletter articles as well.
  3. Promote the book at your contributors’ events. I first saw Bill speak at a special event by Mike Capuzzi and then at GKIC’s InfoSummit. For a few years before the book came out, Bill was selling copies, getting sponsors and book contributors. He leveraged the contributors to expand his reach. Bring your partners in early and leverage their promotional opportunities to promote your project.
  4. Put together a promotions package. Bill has made promotion of the book easy for the contributors, by providing emails and social media posts for promotion. The easier you can make it for your joint partners to promote you, the more likely they are to do it. (Gosh, I love an easy button.)
    As a bonus, if you order the book before April 9th, you will get a copy of Bill’s entire promotion swipe file. (Using your promo file as a bonus—so smart!)
  5. Put on your own event with the joint partners. Every time we have done a joint partnership, a live event was part of it. Each of my books launched to best seller status with a livecast and we did a studio live broadcast for several product launches. Bill is holding an event in San Diego with the book contributors. (Watch out, San Diego… I’m coming back.)

Get a copy of Bill Glazer’s new book, “Outrageous Campaigns” today. There are 49 FULL marketing campaigns in this book, it is only $25 (including shipping) and 100% of the proceeds go to benefit Veterans who have suffered a stroke. (Which is why I jumped all in in the first place.) Be one of the first to order your copy now: https://m120.isrefer.com/go/book/walsh

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