5 Marketing Lessons from 3 Days of House Hunting

“Make me an offer.”

My husband and I have spent the last three days house hunting in the Atlanta area, moving here for Ian’s new job as President of one of his firm’s divisions.

We are blessed to have an incredible Realtor, who is also a great friend. If you’ve followed me at all, you’ve heard of my good friend and mentor Dave Dee. Well it’s his wife Karen who’s helping us find our Georgia Dream Home.

For the last three days, we have gone up and down stairs, searched for lock boxes and dreamed what could be in the homes we saw. And along the way, I was reminded of some great lessons for marketing.

  1. Make the offer about them. Not you. The houses that “showed” the best had cleared their space of clutter, removed personal things and allowed us to walk through imagining ourselves living there easily. When you are talking about your business, do you make it about you or them?
  2. Build up interest. The final house we saw before heading to the airport was just about perfect and the realtor was doing a fabulous job promoting it. She stacked 6 appointments in a row so as one prospect left, another showed up, building interest and ensuring multiple offers above asking price.

We’ve been promoting our Game Changer Marketing Summit and each time, we offer 10 free tickets to the event. Every time we do a push, we fill several more seats.

Do you give time-sensitive calls to action? These make a big difference.

  1. Don’t be desperate. We went to one listing and the realtor harassed Karen like 5 times the hour before making sure we were still coming. As we walked through she pointed out all of the features – even down to the toilet paper rolls. Seriously. She was so desperate to make a sale and it took way any chance that we’d want the house. Like I learned from Sandler Sales training long ago, show up like you don’t need the business every time. Your customers want something desired by others, in demand and coveted. Whether you feel it or not, fake it until you make it, baby.
  2. Stand out from the rest. One of the houses we may otherwise have ignored had something that caught our eye in the listing… “$25,000 cash at close to do the updates you want.” It stood out and got us curious. Enough to take a look and put it in final contention for our purchase. It was creative for sure ,and stood out in a sea of sameness of listings.

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Are you doing anything to show up differently amongst the same old thing?

  1. Ask for what you want. Karen is a master negotiator. Like the best, ever. And there was one property we really loved, except for the price. Without qualms, she got on the phone and asked for what we wanted. And it looks like we are getting it… honestly, fear of rejection may have kept me from asking, and that would have stopped us from getting what we really wanted. You have to ask for what you want and always remember, the worst you can get is a no.

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  1. Love it. All goid points. Its amazing the lessons we can each learn from life. Thanks for your insights, framed differently.

  2. Love it. All good points. Its amazing the lessons we can each learn from life. Thanks for your insights, framed differently.

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