5 of My Conference and Event Attendee Hacks

Let’s be real.  There is no such thing at “life balance.”  In fact, I am pretty sure my body is made up of 73% Espresso and one pump of Pumpkin Spice…my answer to “getting it all done.”

Time is limited and precious.  So, if I am going to attend an event, a.k.a. a time-suck vampire, I am going to make sure I get the most out of it possible. I literally make it my mission for every event I attend to build at least one new relationship that will make a difference for my business and pick up at least one major strategy that I implement immediately following the event.

Because I’ve made it my mission, I’ve literally never failed at this goal for any work event I’ve ever attended.

But this didn’t happen by accident.  I have gone into each event strategically to ensure both the relationship and the strategy goals happen. And thankfully it isn’t hard.

If you are attending our upcoming Two Day Six Figure Summit, here are a few strategies to ensure you conquer you mission as well.

Here’s how…

  1. Before attending the event, connect with other attendees. For example, if you are a member of the Powerful Professionals or 12 Minute Social Media Cash Machine groups, post that you are attending and find others that are as well.  Connect on Facebook and/or LinkedIn. Make plans to meet up during the event ensuring that you will have at least one conversation, if not more, set up before the event.
  2. At the event, use the breaks for getting to know other attendees, not for checking email or social media. There is plenty of time for that when you get back home.  As a social introvert, I have a little stomach upset over the idea of initiating conversations but find it much easier when I go in with a game plan of questions to start with. Here’s a few of my favorites:
    • How are you connected to this event?
    • What project are you working on now that you are most excited about?
    • What is one of the favorite things you’ve learned about so far?

All are open questions and none about the boring, “so what do you do?”  Instead you are starting a conversation with a more interesting way that can help you get to know the other person.

  1. Be the social master…

    One of my event hacks is organizing meal times ahead of time, ensuring conversations happen at the event. Before attending, book a dinner reservation at a nearby restaurant for 6 p.m. or 8 p.m. on Thursday night at the event and then as you meet people you’d like to get to know better, invite them to join you for the group dinner. It’s a great way to get to know other attendees better.

    According to Yelp, here are some of the top restaurants near the hotel.

  1. Keep it simple and sizzling…
    Instead of getting overwhelmed at the event with too many ideas, I take notes in two separate lists.  One is the event ideas notebook of all of the fabulous ideas I pick up. The other is a super short list, with no more than 5 items on it, of the “Action Items” that are coming out of the event. This ensures that something actually happens with the great ideas I discover during the event.

    At the Two Day Six Figure Summit, during the “Behind the Scenes of our Webinar that Produces $200,000/month” presentation alone, you are sure to pick up dozens of epic strategies…be strategic about what gets on your “Action Items” list.

  1. Get it done…

    Now, my dad loves to share the story, which I don’t remember happening, that I ran a productivity workshop for his office when I was 13 at the request of his boss after he saw my planner.  So I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to productivity.

    Events are no exception.

    I schedule implementation, before I leave the event. I literally put time on my calendar for any of the items that made it to the “Action List.” This ensures that the fires that will happen when I get back home do not prevent me from getting the important game-changing strategies done that I discovered during the event.

At the Two Day Six Figure Summit we are going to launch your “Action Items” before you leave…ensuring you get leads and sales before leaving the event.

Go with a game plan,  and blow the event goal of “six figures in two days” out of the water.

To get your event tickets, visit twodaysixfiguresummit.com.

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