5 Webinar Presentation Script Changes That Doubled Our Sales

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Summer Fling, the Summer Internship, The Summer Road trip.

And while this summer has been filled with love, and road trips (no fling, except maybe for the unhealthy love I have for Pumpkin Spiced Creamer), this summer was my Summer of Testing.

We tested and up-leveled our emails, webinars, products and campaigns. Everything was fair game and we kept testing until we found hacks that would increase our results.

And good news is…the tests worked.

A screenshot from Infusionsoft for our monthly revenue for August:

One of the biggest changes made was to the language I used on our webinars.

There were about 25 script changes that increased sales and I’ll be sharing a few of them of Wednesday’s free Masterclass.

But here’s a sneak peek with five of the biggest:


1. Getting the Attention of the Viewers

You see, when you present in person and you are even as good as a mediocre speaker, you will likely keep the guests in the room.  They may not buy, but at least they will stay seated.

But on a webinar, even if you a great speaker, you have to fight against all of the rest of the distractions of the attendees like their phone, Facebook, emails and more.

(Note: if reading that sentence made you think about checking those, stay with me here. You are about to discover something huge.)

In the start of the webcast, I share to shut down any other windows, turn off Facebook and then put their phone on mute and I demonstrate on air, putting my phone on mute. This is creating a direct visual of an activity I would like them to mirror right in that moment.

I also tell the attendees to take out a pen and paper and get ready to take good notes and pull out a pen and paper and show them on camera.


2. Engaging in Chat

In the very beginning I am encouraging the participants to answer a few questions, reading their answers and celebrating their participation.

Script: “So I can better serve you, I have to get to know a bit about you. Put into the q&a where are you tuning in from and what beverage are you currently enjoying?

And I want you to know where the q&a is. Throughout our time I am going to ask a bunch of questions. Sometimes I will tell you to put in the q&a and others, I am just asking questions and I want you to respond in there. Also, I know love hear you aha’s so when you hear something that you really like or is a big takeaway for you, go ahead and put aha into the q&A.

So starting right now, where are you tuning in from and what beverage are you currently enjoying?” and read a few answers.


3. Getting an Early Commitment

Early on in the workshop I will ask for them to go « all in » on the presentation topic, repeating the outcome of what they will discover.

Script: “If you want to (outcome), go ahead and put “I’m in!” into the q&a right now. Not for my benefit, but for yours. A study by Harvard Business Review showed we are five times more likely to achieve our goals when we write them down. Now is your moment to 5x your results by writing “I’m in” into the q&a right now.”

And then I read some names.


4. Permission Before Selling

I believe in only selling when I’ve earned it by giving value in my audience. It not only creates a relationship with trust, but sets the audience at ease because they are in control by being the one saying I can proceed.

Before I go into describing our program, I say, “With your permission, I’d love to show you how you can results you can see in your bank account really, really quickly. But before I do, I want to get your permission. Let me know, would you like me to share with you the program we have that can help you ____ (outcome)”


5. Share Who The Program Is Not For

Right after I get their permission and before I share the program, I do a “takeaway” saying who it won’t be a good match for.

Script: “ But before I get all excited and tell you how you can (outcome), I’ve got to tell you who this isn’t for. If you rather make excuses than make things happen, this program isn’t for you. Nothing ever incredible happened by finding someone to agree with excuses so this program was made for the action takers.”

These few tweaks have contributed to our close rate increasing from 10% on webinars to over 20% each time, to cold traffic, aka, new people I haven’t presented to before.

There are 25 changes overall, I made to my standard script after testing and testing.  And have resulted in us doubling our monthly revenue.  Without spending more on ads. Just on changing our scripts.

Want to discover more on how to launch a webinar that converts? Join me for this upcoming Masterclass.



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  1. Hi Kim,

    I was on your recent Webinar “10K Likes in 72 hours”… It was the first presentation of yours I’ve ever attended… and I wanted you to know these “tweaks” work! I’m not new to internet marketing, but I’m always seeking new approaches. I bought in! and until I opted into your webinar, I’d never heard of you. That said, I have to admit your successes speak for themselves, and I’ve been wanting to find someone who could guide me through the Facebook Ads maze. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better! Diane

    1. Kim Phillips

      Super stoked to have had you on, Diane! Can’t wait to see all your accomplishments with the program.

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