7 Things You Must Do Right Now To Create Urgency

One of your biggest competitors is staring you in the face. It’s ignored by most businesses and can stifle the sales of the most promising products, programs and services. It is often the number one reason someone didn’t move forward with their purchase.

It is distraction.

Most often, when a prospect doesn’t buy from you, it isn’t because they bought from your competitor, it is because they didn’t do anything. They clicked away from your landing page, offer, sales pitch, etc, to go onto something more enticing. They were interested, but they put you on the “I’ll do it later” list. That list is paved with good intentions, but it isn’t visited often (if ever) and once you are on it, that sale isn’t happening.

It is your job when creating your marketing and sales campaigns to create urgency for your buyer.(Tweet this) Strip away the chance for them to “think it over” or “do it later on.” Give them a reason to act now and an incentive for doing so.(Tweet this)

Just think about gym memberships. It is easy to think each week that you will “join next Monday.” And every Monday can come and go for a year before you take action. It’s why gyms started Boot Camps. So there is a specific day and time to begin. They want to drive action and get themselves off the “do it someday” list.

The following are 7 Ways to Create Urgency and drive action from your prospects:(Tweet this)

  1. Create a time-sensitive bonus to drive a sale on an “always offered” product, program or service. We did this last week when we offered bonus email scripts with the sale of our LinkedIn Domination. We had 10X more sales last week than any other week this year, even though the program has been available continuously.
  2. Hold live webinars that don’t have replays. This creates a sense of urgency to show up live, which gives you the greatest chance for selling.
  3. If you have replays, only have them at specific times when people have to show up live. “On-demand” videos don’t work and neither does sending out the recording, even though if you are anything like my business you will be asked by 8,907 people and given every reason in the world someone missed your training—DON’T DO IT. It does not work.
  4. Hold a special or promotion like Amazon’s Prime Day. Give a reason why there is a special or sale that is centered on your best customers but promoted to all in order to encourage ascension. I mean, I just spent 30 minutes buying stuff from Amazon because the deals I wanted were going to run out in the next 9 minutes. That’s some urgency right there.
  5. Only offer a product, program or service at certain times in the year. If you limit when someone can sign up, it creates an urgency of right now.
  6. Add a promotion or deadline to your newsletter. When we were trying to increase readership of our Marketing Insiders Elite newsletter, we put in trivia questions with deadlines to respond and prizes associated. This encouraged the reader to open up right now. This was a best practice that I am not sure why we stopped doing (distraction perhaps?) and are going to start up again with our August issue.
  7. Utilize a combination of factors all in one. Earlier this week, we held a livecast for Dan Kennedy’s and Les Roberts’ new book, Speaking of Murder. This book has been on sale since the end of June, but because we held an event around it, that was only on one day and for one hour and offered a 3-video bonus with purchase, we drove enough sales to get it to the best seller list.

Have another way that you create urgency? Let me know in the comments section.


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