A Digital “Hack” for More Sales

Sometimes a great idea comes out of having time to kill in the carpool lane…

You see, we live in Georgia now and these southern folks start the school year very early and start and end the day in the same way. Pick up at school is 2:20 pm and has a very long line of cars waiting by 2:15 (Southern Moms are no joke).

So each day, I have 5-10 minutes to kill while parked in the carpool lane…

While in line one day last week, I decided to do a Facebook Live. I had just come from doing our weekly live webinar, 3daysto10k.com, and it had gone wonderfully. Great show-up rate, fantastic engagement while on the webinar, and more students enrolled in our program than we had during one hour online ever before.

So, I jumped on Facebook Live and shared what we did differently…

And something incredible happened…

Those who had just been on the webinar started commenting how great it was, the results they’d gotten so far and why they signed up…

Instant social proof that wasn’t planned, but oh… so…. A-mazing. Those folks made the case why viewers should sign up for the webinar for me.

Because I was well enough caffeinated for the day, I thought, “Something really good is happening here… let’s do more of that.”

So I gave the video to the most talented Kelly LeMay, our Powerful Professionals Facebook Ads Master, and she turned that Facebook Live into an ad targeting a lookalike audience of our current members.

And friend, this ad is CRUSHING it.

We are getting opt-ins for less than $3.00 each.

And a “Relevancy Score,” (Facebook’s version of your Uber Rating) of 9 out of 10.

(Insert happy dance.)

I’ve repeated this strategy of Facebook Live to advertisement a few times now and it keeps on working. This is definitely a shiny object worth testing.

Try testing a Facebook Live to Ad strategy in your next campaign.

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  1. Dana Gibson

    Wow, IF only we could be as good and as luck as you Kim.

    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      You bet you can! Take the bull by the horns and try implementing some new tactics.

    2. Kim Walsh Phillips

      It is amazing how “lucky” we are when we prepare. 🙂

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