A Few of My Favorite Travel Luxuries

I’ve been on the road a lot lately…

I am on my eighth and (and final…hallelujah) work trip of the last six weeks.  While writing this, I’m 50,000 ft in the air, I’ve got my laptop open, my favorite downloaded show playing, a bubbly drink on the serving tray next to me.

I will end these days with energy, inspiration, and business growth.

Only because I indulge in a few luxuries during my travel.

I put together a list of some of my favorites.

1. Clear Pre-Check: My home airport is Atlanta. It is big and busy and can take forever to get through security. Same with Orlando, Los Angeles and several other major airports.

But you can make security a breeze by first getting approved for Global Entry and then get the Clear Pass that lets you speed through security. You’ll find this quick-pass lane next to the pre-check lane in many airports.

2. Tumi Expandable Front Pocket Suitcase: I love this suitcase more than my best pair of shoes. Seriously. The hard top means I can balance a tote bag on it easily. The front pocket means packing up that last thing you forgot to pack without having to open it all up, and the expandable sides means I can bring resources I pick up and surprises for the kids on my return flight.

Yes, it is more expensive than most suitcases but it has a 10-year warranty so it’s a great deal if you think about how long a regular suitcase lasts.

3. Founders Card brings discounts, perks and upgrades galore. Want to get a suite when you booked an economy room at your conference hotel? Want to book a convertible car at a price cheaper than an economy car? Want discounts in shipping, resources and more?

Check out Founders Card. The discounts and perks get you VIP treatment for pennies on the dollar.  My favorite way to travel first class.

4. Shipt: I get my favorite sparkling water, coffee creamer, and Kind bars delivered every time I travel. Yes, every single time. It is about $30 worth of stuff and it makes me feel the comforts of home while on the road. It helps me stay hydrated and healthy and, oh, so worth it. With Shipt, they get delivered right to my hotel door.

5. Airline Lounges: Okay, so this is a luxury. I get it. But it does make airport travel much more enjoyable. I am a member of the lounges of the airlines I fly most and stop in to fill my Thermos with hot tea before boarding my plane, per the advice of one of our pilot members who said never drink the coffee or hot water on a flight.

6. Rent the Runway: Traveling all of the time and speaking on stage could get expensive, especially when it comes to a wardrobe made for the spotlight.

In comes Rent the Runway, where for one set fee each month, you can rent unlimited styles. From leather jackets to runway gowns and everything else in between, they’ve got you covered.

Do you have a favorite travel vice? Comment below and you’ll be entered to win a #PowerTribe mobile power bank.

* Please note, there are affiliate links in this post for all of the goodies I love.

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  1. My travel must-haves are the Manta Sleep Mask & Travel Pillow (https://mantasleep.com/). Planes and hotel rooms often have at least a subliminal glow that you can’t block out and the mask is so comfortable that you don’t even notice it. Unlike burying your head in a pillow or blanket, it also lets you breathe.
    The pillow is infinitely adjustable as well which means you support your neck while you’re sitting up on long-haul flights before you lie down to sleep or (as happened to me recently) when you end up in some version of economy class because your plane was delayed and it was “economy or wait 24 hours” (it’s also great for car travel.

  2. Ibrahim Uk

    I don’t have it yet but I’ve seen these water wipes which will make it easier to wash my face and hands!

  3. 1. My iPad with favorite shows and movies downloaded on it and of course a charger to go with it!
    2. Dramamine, because I get motion sick if I am doing something in a moving vehicle.
    3. A bag of trail mix just in case (airport food is too expensive!)

    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      I literally spent $10 on yogurt and chips the last time I was at the airport. It’s crazy!

  4. I believe that everyone should have an led flashlight or key light I seem to always be in need of a light so if anyone can help me with that Thank you

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