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When launching a new product, program, or service, there are many ways to create buzz. When a new blockbuster movie is launched, living in the New York metro area, I can expect to see messaging on billboards, on taxis, as the latest gift in the kid’s Happy Meal, and in a constant flow of ads on my Facebook page.

Big business spends/wastes/doesn’t track large amounts of money advertising and driving “Awareness” for their latest release. Small businesses and entrepreneurs can’t and shouldn’t waste this much cash hoping and wishing that some of their marketing might produce sales.

Thankfully there are free methods based on sweat equity that entrepreneurs can use to grow their business.

One of the most successful strategies we have used is Pop-Up Facebook Groups. We set up the group ahead of the launch and use the group to develop community through engagement and discussion and then ultimately promote and sell our product, program, or service.

Facebook Groups are free and super easy to set up. (Set yours up here.)

We developed one back when we were supporting Josh Turner’s last launch. We were able to grow it to several hundred members and it was responsible for several of the sales in the promotion, placing us in the Top Ten for affiliates.

This was so successful that we launched a new Pop-Up Facebook Group, for my next book launch, “Game Changer: How to Get 10,000 Facebook Fans in 72 Hours and Turn Them Into Your Next Cash-Paying Customers.”

Click here to join now: GameChangerFBGroup.com

Here are some pointers when it comes to having a pop-up Facebook Group.

  1. Create a landing page so leads need to opt-in before getting access to the page. This way you are collecting leads and can contact all group members via email as well as in the group in the future.
  2. Create a cover photo that clearly shares what the Facebook Group is all about. A great, free software to use is Canva.com or you can hire a graphic designer to create all of your promotional materials.
  3. Start by asking members to introduce themselves as a way to create engagement.
  4. Ask engaging questions prior to the launch to start a dialog with your group members.
  5. Engage in daily discussions about the product, program, or service. Once our book launches on 9/25, Mike Stodola, our Chief Marketing Officer, will engage the members in a daily discussion of the book with Facebook Live Broadcasts inside of the group.

This free platform is an incredibly effective way to grow community, build buzz, and get more leads and sales for your next promotion. Set yours up at Facebook.com/groups.


And as a special thank you for being a loyal reader of our blog, I want to give you early access to our Pop-Up Facebook Group for the book discussion of my latest release, “Game Changer: How to Get 10,000 Facebook Fans in 72 Hours and Turn Them Into Your Next Cash-Paying Customers.” You will also get a free copy of the book!

Click here to join now: GameChangerFBGroup.com

Let me know if you set up a Pop-Up Facebook Group in the comments.

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