A Quick LinkedIn Strategy for More Sales

We all know that referrals and word-of-mouth is the strongest way to fill your sales pipeline. (Tweet this)

But how to do this quickly without bothering your best clients, customers or patients?

In comes LinkedIn.


Here’s how:

(1)   Scroll through the list of “People You May Know” suggested connections and click ”connect.” These individuals are generally recommended to you because you share one or more connections. You won’t need to add in their email address or how you know each other, so the connection process doesn’t require a lot of time.

(2)   As you are adding to your network jot down those who you’d like to be in your sales pipeline.

(3)   Each day, Message 5 of these new contacts to thank them for their connection and ask them about their position and role at their firm.

(4)   Make sure your email is them focused and not you focused. (Tweet this) Think of your conversation the same way as you would being a great guest at a networking event.

For example:

“Thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn. I saw that we are both linked to (name of person.) What is your role at XYZ company?”

With each conversation, you are pushing the conversation further along in the conversation from prospect to the sales appointment. It is not rocket science but it does take persistence and a system.


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