Powerful Professionals

…don’t make excuses. THEY MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. 

…don’t dream it would be different. THEY MAKE IT DIFFERENT.  

…know they were not created to fail. They were created to THRIVE, and success is the GREATEST RESPONSE to those who told them they can’t.  

…choose to surround themselves with those who INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE, AND EMPOWER.

…recognize there is an ABUNDANCE of business to be had.

…are not distracted by the latest shiny object. They are focused on proven strategies that is in their sweet spot of gifts and talents.


…do not waste a dollar out of their pocket, minute of their time, or ounce of their talent.  Yet, they can’t invest fast enough in the tools they need to get them to where they want to go.

…don’t get even. THEY GET AHEAD .

…do not compromise on things most important to them. They are flexible in their “how” but never flexible in their “why.” Family and faith are not a distraction BUT A DRIVING FORCE.

…know that success doesn’t always happen on the first try or second or even the third. But success is INEVITABLE to those who keep trying.

…don’t give up when things get hard. THEY PUSH HARDER.

Powerful Professionals don’t wish for change. THEY ARE THE CHANGE.

CEO & Founder of Powerful Professionals

Kim Walsh Phillips

Kim Walsh Phillips is the founder of Powerful Professionals, a business coaching and education company. She went from 32 clients to over 11,000 in less than a year and was recently named #475 in the Inc 5000 and is an MBA-free self-made millionaire.
Named “a must to read by those in business” by Forbes Magazine, she is the bestselling author of multiple books including "The Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business" and "The No B.S. Guide To Direct Response Social Media Marketing."
She’s the behind-the-scenes secret weapon of some of the biggest names in business including Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank, Dan Kennedy, Profit First Author Mike Michalowicz, Harley-Davidson, Hilton Hotels and High Point University and has spoken on stages beside some of the world's leading thought leaders including Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Barbara Corcoran and Gary Vaynerchuk.
She resides just outside of Atlanta, GA with her very tall husband and glitter obsessed girls and is fueled by faith, love, laughter and lots, and lots (and lots) of coffee.
COO of Powerful Professionals

Kelly LeMay

Kelly is the Chief Operations Officer of Powerful Professionals, a business coaching and education company that was recently named #475 in the Inc 5000. She has been named a Top 40 Under 40 business professional by Central Penn Business Journal and is a contributor in the best-selling book, The No BS Guide To Direct Response Social Media Marketing with Kim Walsh Phillips and Dan Kennedy. Kelly also serves as a Facebook ads strategist and coach and specializes in making tech less scary for business owners and entrepreneurs around the globe.
Kelly lives in Maryland with her three amazingly crazy kids and her barbecuing husband and can usually be found sipping on a coffee, working on her laptop while wearing a princess costume at the request (demand) of her toddler daughter.
Membership Director

Scott Whitaker

Scott’s strategic mind and use of membership multipliers have been growing and building membership businesses regardless of their niche. He is the author of “Triple Your Membership in 21 Days… and Do It Over and Over Again Toolkit” and “Why People Quit Your Membership Program & What You Can Do About It.”
Scott has led membership organizations in both non-profit and for profit companies since 1997. He’s noted for having built one of largest for profit coaching networks; growing from just 72 members a year to over 3,000 members a year.
Fun fact: Scott has done so much to help membership business owners, they’ve nicknamed him the “Membership Multiplier.” That’s why he named his business Membership Multipliers, where he coaches membership business owners on how to get more members, increase retention and multiply their profits.
Scott’s passion is getting Membership Businesses more members, increasing retention and keeping people from quitting!
Membership Coordinator

Ashley MacDonell

Ashley brings to the table a passion for all things education related. She recently joined our team as Membership Coordinator and looks forward to helping clients grow their business through the courses provided by Powerful Professionals. After working in education for eight years, Ashley is skilled at curriculum development and creating learning tools to help adult learners with ANY type of learning style get the most from sessions. She believes it’s never too late to become a lifelong learner and is ready to cheer you on!
This Kentucky native currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, new baby, and pup Molly. When she’s not working with her awesome team at Powerful Professionals, she enjoys reading, traveling, and dancing to “Boogie Wonderland” by Earth, Wind, and Fire for her giggly baby boy (his song of choice).
Business Growth Coach

Jack Hollingsworth

Jack is a Business Growth Coach for Powerful Professionals as well as the Power Pod Captain for four Powerup Accelerators coaching pods. He is a lifelong communicator and entertainer. He tours the country with his improv group The Fidgets and, using those comedy skills, teaches entrepreneurs how to add POW to their presentations to double their sales.
You can enjoy his comedy special on Amazon Prime or see him on our many Zoom Coaching calls.
Customer Concierge

Tanya Vestuto

I am the Customer Concierge for Powerful Professionals. I take care of all the billing and get to work with all our customers on the back end. I'm the one who answers the phone when you call. (: Before PP I was a stay at home mom to my now 13 year old daughter, Madison. And before that, I worked in the financial industry at Citibank for 12 years, starting as a teller and left as VP corporate training. Though I love to travel, my home has been Central Jersey for the last 10 years.
Project Coordinator

Diane Laffoon

Diane Laffoon is the Project Coordinator at Powerful Professionals. She has a degree in psychology and has always been interested in how the mind works. Whether reading about neuroscience or self-help books, she enjoys learning what influences individuals to make decisions. Diane knows that life can sometimes be challenging, but it's given her a heart for creating balance by being organized and thinking things through to make sure you have what you need before you start.
Diane loves living in Michigan, where she revels in 4 beautiful seasons. Her greatest joy comes from spending time with her nephew and three soon-to-be four nieces.
Administrative Assistant

Kate Gilchrist

Kate is the behind the scenes team admin. She does a little bit of everything for everyone on Team Powerful. From video editing and spreadsheets to updating the portal and gathering articles for RISE, Kate has done it all. If a team member needs help with a project, Kate is right there to lend a hand. She LOVES those special projects!!
When she isn't manipulating a spreadsheet or adding a recording to the portal for Team Powerful, she is having a blast with her husband and two boys, Xander and Chase. Oftentimes, you will find Kate at one of Xander's baseball games or Chase's Tae Kwon Do classes. She loves to read and also has a passion for cooking. (She's been told her lasagna is to die for!!)

Power Coaches

Webinar Coaches

Lou & Tami Santini

Mindset Coach

Diane Forster

Technology Coach

Greg Russell

Spirituality Coach

Rev. Dr. Jason Tucker

Strategy Coach

Judy Hoberman

Brick & Mortar Business Expert

Jenny Benzie

Professional Services Business Expert

Todd Tramonte

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