Become the celebrity in your niche, attract thousands and get paid to do what you love.

Seventeen days…

That’s how long until my Keurig and I reunite.

For 3 months now, we’ve been in temporary housing while the renovations on our house are completed. And my beautiful Keurig has sat in storage. I picture it there all lonely among the 2,398 stuffed animals my children begged us to keep and the barely-used-yet-very-old elliptical.

For 3 months now, I’ve gone “old school.” I’ve made an actual pot of coffee each day. Setting up the pot the night before (because honey, I am not clear brained enough to do this in the a.m.) and patiently/not so patiently waiting for the coffee to brew when I get up at the crack of dawn in the morning to write.

If I don’t get my two to four (don’t judge…the rental has these teeny, tiny mugs made for Lilliputians), the coffee gets burnt tasting.

I want my “give it to me now the way I like it” Keurig back.

I realized this morning that this is the same exact way I feel about building my platform…

Even though I love it, I still want it fast and now.

If some new “hack” or technique requires more than three steps and things don’t go easily, then I’m out. Not proud of this fact.

Just aware of my personality.

That’s why I love this strategy. It is quick and easy, and you can reach thousands quickly as the celebrity of your niche.  It is what we did with our G.U.R.U. Academy VIP attendees…

  • Jill Frillman has managed to build her business to support her life and is now coaching other bookkeepers how they can stop getting paid by the hour only and working to the bone.
  • Michael Attias is taking his brilliance to empower caterers to double their sales.
  • Mary Silver has changed her path, focused on one direction and is now getting clients on autopilot. She is teaching other coaches how they can do the same exact thing!
  • Jason Tucker is leading pastors to attract the young folks who aren’t going to church now…and bringing the fun back into worship.
  • Deborah Milotte is inspiring others with her incredible story.
  • Brad Ross is getting more speaking engagements, gigs and performances for authors, speakers and performers with their special “it” factor…and it’s on fire.
  • Imperatore Edward Armstrong is taking fitness by storm (trooper) and light sabering America while teaching other fitness professionals how to get more clients.
  • Lisa Roberti is taking her passion of wildlife photography to inspire us to take care of the animal kingdom. (PS. It is MUCH more than a spa vacation.)
  • Dewayne Jenkins is getting Christian rock musicians more gigs and finally getting them paid what they are worth.

They are attracting thousands and using their story to change lives AND get paid to do what they love.

And they reached their audience by identifying their “hook” first and then sharing the “big idea” with their target audience. Check out their videos below.

If you want to discover how to be the celebrity in your niche, attract thousands and get paid to do what you love, check out our free livecast this week at

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