Birthday Week Continues: Favorite Growth Hacks

Back in the day, I brought in new clients the way I saw everyone else around me doing it.

I networked and answered Requests for Proposals.

I’d attend referral group meetings and Chamber events. Dragging myself with a smile pasted on, trying to meet the next person who needed my services.

I’d spend hours creating proposals for projects that were probably already selected prior to my efforts.

Both methods were exhausting and not very effective.

Aka…I was working hard, and was broke…not a fun combo.

It was when I discovered “direct response” marketing (the type of marketing that seeks not just awareness of your brand but action from your target market) that everything changed. Because now I could leverage marketing to bring in clients. I didn’t have to physically go out and get accounts. They could come to me.

Better yet, I could attract only those who were my best match and finally have enough leads that I could pick and choose who I wanted to work with.

Knowing direct response was one thing. Putting it into practice in digital marketing was something else entirely.

Through trial and error though, I discovered what worked and what didn’t and was able to grow my marketing firm and sell the company for a great exit. I then started Powerful Professionals using these same methods and grow it to be named to the Inc. 5000 in less than 3 years.

Aka..these methods work.

Because it is birthday week, my gift to you are some of my favorite growth hacks:

1. Post at least 3x a week:

If you have at least 100 followers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and post 3x a week on each, you are potentially reaching 2,700 every seven days.  Increase that to everyday and you are reaching tens of thousands each month.

I have consistently posted daily for years and it is one of our foundations of success.

I get though that it can be time consuming and easy to forget.

Birthday Gift for You: Emphatic will create personalized posts for you and post them daily for only $99/mo. And they are giving you six posts for free before you join.

Get your six posts here.

2. Automate Your Marketing:

Most businesses email everyone the same thing, if they even email at all. The thing is, not everyone should get your same messaging. Some should get a welcome, some should be getting something about another program or service, others should be in your “we miss you” campaign. But how do you keep it all straight?


We use Infusionoft to automatically send messages to the right people the right time. Always.

It saves an incredible amount of time and ensures our business runs when we aren’t working.

Birthday Gift for You: Infusionsoft is giving my peeps 30% off the monthly fee for the next three months. Click here to find out more (deal expires January 31).

3. Always Be List Building:

Let’s face it. Without a list, you don’t have a business.You need people who will show up for your prospect meetings, attend your webinars and events and buy your products programs and services.

Back in the day I used to list-build by going to an event, getting a business card, going back to my office and entering it in my database. One. Card. At. A. Time.

Now, our list grows automatically daily using a campaign that runs 24/7 without me lifting a finger. And best yet, it is profitable lead generation, meaning it pays us to run it.

Birthday Gift for You: Get this free masterclass, “How to Get 10,000+ Fans in 72 Hours and Turn Them Into Your Cash-Paying Customers.”  Click here to claim your spot for this free workshop.

4. Mobile to Monetize:

According to, 43.42% of all website views are done on mobile. If your lead generation isn’t mobile friendly, you are losing out on a lot of business.

My favorite tool that makes this easy, peasy, lemon squeezy is LeadPages. Pages are ready to go and mobile friendly. You can quickly launch and start collecting leads in just seconds.

Birthday Gift for You: Get a free 2-week trial to LeadPages. Click here to claim yours now.

5. Great Images:

We all know great visuals are important. In fact according to the Visual Teaching Alliance, 65% of all learners are visual learners.

Using great imagery in your marketing is important, but it can be expensive.

But it doesn’t have to be…

This gift is from our COO Kelly LeMay

Birthday Gift for You: Free stock photography you can us in your marketing and social media posting at and

Got a favorite Growth Hack of your own? Let me know in the comments for your chance to win $500 Power Bucks, towards any Powerful Professionals program or service.

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