Birthday Week Kick-Off: Kim’s Travel Perk Giveaway

I just got back late last night from a long weekend away to visit our friends back in NJ with my kiddos. This weekend I am doing a quick getaway with some friends.

And next week, conference season starts.

If there is a constant in my life, it is travel.

And I love it.

But only because I make it as stress-free as possible by adding in a few perks. These must-have secrets keep travel fun and keep my energy up. Two requirements for something I need to do all of the time.

For this birthday week kick-off, I am hooking you up with a few freebies of my favorites.

Plus, if you share a travel tip in the comments, you have a chance to win a travel ring light. Perfect for making videos or doing webinars from the road.

Kim’s Travel Perks Giveaway


Want to say “sorry suckers” and speed past the long lines at the airport? (Okay, just think it, don’t say it…)

Clear is for you.

Whether you have TSA Pre-check or not, there are dedicated lines that cut your wait time down to a fraction of the norm.

And, they gave me a FREE three-month trial for you!

Get yours here.


Ever wish for free upgrades when checking into hotel rooms?

Mr. Smith, as a thank you for your loyalty, we’ve upgraded you to the penthouse suite…

Want travel discounts on airline tickets and rental cars?

How about business purchase perks with Apple, FedEx, UPS and more?

Check out FoundersCard.

Just a few of your benefits…

  • Hertz, 20% off every rental
  • Marriott, Platinum Elite Status (aka concierge lounge access, complimentary late check-out to
    4 pm, free gift on arrival and complimentary upgrade)
  • American Airlines, complimentary Gold Status (aka free upgrades and free bags)
  • Hilton Honors, complimentary Gold Status
  • UPS, up to 47% off shipping
  • British Airways, 20% off flights
  • United Airlines, Gold Status (aka free upgrades and free bags)
  • Omni Hotels, 15% off Best Available Rates
  • And thousands more…

They gave me a free 3-month trial for you!

Get yours here.

TripIt Pro

Ever travel so much you can’t remember what airline you booked? Or want to make sure you never, ever have to sit in a middle seat again?

You need TripIt Pro. It automatically takes your travel confirmations and organizes them on your calendar and in one convenient travel itinerary. Plus, it alerts you of any airline changes and delays before the airlines do. Fantastic app.

And, they are giving you a one-year FREE membership.

Get yours here and use code FCDBB6R53B


Parking an issue for your next meeting? Don’t want to have a glass a wine and get behind the wheel? Want extra time with that work associate to chat on the way to dinner?

UBER your way there.

Just load up the app on your phone and request a ride quickly and easily.  Plus, with their new rewards program, you’ll get free and discounted rides regularly.

And now, you can even schedule car pickups for clients or colleagues using the new UBER Business.

I’m giving you up to $2 off each of your first 3 Uber rides. To accept, use code ‘l83nt’ to sign up. Enjoy! Details:

Have a favorite travel perk of your own?

Add it to the comments for your chance to win a travel ring light, perfect for videos and webinars from the road!

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    1. Kim Phillips

      100% yes. They’re so expensive at the airport if you forget.

    1. Kim Phillips

      Great tip! I’m always sipping on water and tea during my flights.

  1. I like to check the app Hopper for flights. Back on board with TripIt – and we almost share a birthday – just one day off, who knew???

  2. Always pack a bathing suit! You never know when you might need one and they don’t take up much room. Happiest of birthdays!

      1. Always bring 1 days worth of clothes in your carry on! Just in case your luggage doesn’t show up when you do. This happened to us on Saturday when our connecting flight in Atlanta was too close to our departing flight and our luggage never made it on the airplane.

  3. I am a big believer of rolling my clothes when I pack. I am able to get a lot more items in my standard travel bag and able to place in the overhead with ease. YouTube this and the proper technique. For those that pack suits, there are great techniques to fold your suit to take up less space as well.

  4. I drink about 24 to 32oz of water on my way to the airport and if I didn’t finish it, I guzzle it right before TSA. Then I make sure to go to the bathroom once or twice before the flight. Then I buy another 32 oz of water to bring on the plane with me as well as a cup of tea in my travel mug to sip on during the flight. This helps so much with jet lag, relaxing during the flight and all around energy. You’ll be amazed at what hydration can do for your trip. Oh, one more thing, I bring earplanes for take off and landing. One time I had severe allergies and my ears got stuffed up. The plane ride back was complete agony because of the ear pain. I’ll never forget my earplanes again. Happy travels. Love and hugs….Tina

  5. For your “personal item”, take the largest allowable backpack- and put your smaller items inside, combined with a carry on, this may allow you to skip waiting to collect luggage.

    If you fly alot choose a credit card that offers priority pass access, and you get lounge access just like the folks in business class. Unlike the major airlines lounge version, priority pass is located all over the world.

    Use packing aids , either a compression bag, or one like the eagle creek pack it garment organizer to maximize space in your suitcase.

    Find a luggage adapter that has USB plugs built in so you dont have to take the extra plugs.

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