Case Study: How Three Companies Increased Their Sales By Making A Change

Ever daydream about the “gurus” figuring that they have it all figured out? You know, the big companies, with big teams and big budgets, that their leads and sales just come easier than the average business and it isn’t so much work to figure it all out?

Unfortunately not.

No matter the size of the business, the most successful companies are constantly testing, iterating and making changes to improve results.

The following is a Case Study of three of our firm’s private clients: Profit First with Mike Michalowicz and Ron Saharyan; Stephen Oliver Martial Arts Academy; and Technology Marketing Toolkit with Robin Robbins. All three are major thought leaders in their niches, and their forward-thinking approach to their businesses is no exception.

The mission of our agency, Elite Digital Group, is to multiply the mission of our clients through scaling their business with profitable marketing.

Take from these case studies strategies you can use to scale your own company profitably. 

Profit First Professionals

Last year I read the ground-breaking book, “Profit First,” by Mike Michalowicz and like most who read it, I was blown away. It is a revolutionary way of managing money and not only did I implement the strategies contained, I started sharing the book with my private coaching members and friends.

When Mike and his business partner Ron Saharyan approached me about doing marketing for them, I was thrilled. Getting to share their message with more people and promote their Profit First Professionals Program was right in line with our firm’s mission.

We began our work with Profit First with the 4-Hour Launch. You can discover everything about that here. (They actually did the full day package in full disclosure.

Mike Stodola and I met with Ron and dug deep into what they were currently doing and their goals for the future. We mapped out the new marketing and sales funnels, met with their whole team for input, and then developed a new website and marketing and sales campaign to grow their email list, make more sales, and grow their professional association, Profit First Professionals.

It started with the Home Page…

Their website had a simple opt in when you visit for the first time, which is great for list building. The problem was, there was no real incentive to opt-in. And while more than Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Coaches visit the site, there wasn’t a reason for them to opt-in.


And then, when you got to the site, the call to action was to simply apply to become a Profit First Professional. The visitor didn’t know yet what this organization was or who it was for. Plus, they were missing out on monetization opportunities for those who weren’t in the Accounting, Bookkeeper, or Financial Coach (ABCs) niches.

And while the website offered a lot of incredible resources, all of them were available for instant download without the collection of contact information.

Profit First Professionals – After

We started by offering an incentive to get 2 free chapters of “Profit First” for anyone who visited the site. This way all visitors have an incentive to opt-in.  

We then took the free resources they had on the site, and bundled them together as a bonus for the “Profit First Readers.” Now visitors can opt-in to receive the “Profit Booster Bundle.” On this page, we find out if the person is an ABC or not and separate the contacts on where they go next. Those that are ABCs will eventually see information on becoming a Profit First Professional and those who aren’t one, will see information about using a Profit First Professional.

New Offer Page Split Test:

Based on the prospect’s selection, they are sent to a specific sales page for the Quick Start Rocket Launch ($97) program. This was something the company was not selling to the general public before.

Whether the ABC purchases or not, the prospect is sent a series of emails to drive them to a webinar which pitches Profit First Professionals.

Now organic traffic to the site, and paid traffic to their marketing and sales funnel, can be turned into leads and customers on auto-pilot, growing the lead list and sales for the company 24/7.

What sales and marketing opportunities are you leaving on the table with your current funnel?


Stephen Oliver Martial Arts Academy

Stephen Oliver leads successful Martial Arts Studio Owners to higher profits and productivity.

We created a Facebook Cash Machine to drive potential students through a marketing and sales funnel.

Leads Generated: 1,286 leads

Most recent top performing ads:

The original follow-up process included a salesperson (Bob) calling, direct mail, and emails. We revamped the follow-up process to include a female (who we named “Jennifer”). We automated a voice memo from Jennifer to send immediately after someone signed up. The prospect also receives messages from Jennifer via text messages, emails, and direct mail. We also recorded videos that were used for retargeting if someone requested the toolkit but did not schedule their free school evaluation.


Just by tweaking the follow-up process we were able to increase their ROI to 496%!

What changes can you make to your marketing and sales funnel to increase your sales?


Women’s Institute for Minimally Invasive Surgery

An innovative women’s healthcare practice, Women’s Institute for Minimally Invasive Surgery (WIGMIS), wanted to attract new patients to their center. We developed a Social Media Cash Machine to take a new prospect from not knowing the practice to booking a patient appointment.

The campaign takes people from a “Juicy Carrot” of a Hormones Report to booking an appointment to talk to a doctor. 10% of all those who opt-in for the report become patients!


Top performing ad

Landing Page

Schedule Page


To date, the campaign has brought in 600 leads and more than 60 patients.

Could you drive more leads into immediately becoming customers, clients, or patients?


Technology Marketing Toolkit

The company led by the extraordinary Robin Robbins focuses on IT Professionals. Their Social Media Cash Machine take prospects from requesting an Ultimate Marketing Kit to a consult call.

The campaign targets unconverted leads, website traffic, and direct mail recipients.

Taken to a landing page to opt in for the toolkit

And then they are taken to a survey and scheduling page.

Campaign results:

143 Leads Generated
$11,542 in ad spend
$34,375 in front end sales


If you don’t have an automated funnel to drive leads through opt-ins to a consulting call, you are leaving a lot of revenue on the table.

The best marketers in the world are always iterating and implementing new strategies to scale profitably. What new campaign can you implement today to dramatically increase your sales?

Want expert help? From time to time we have space to create these types of programs for businesses on a one-on-one basis (actually two on one since both myself and my chief marketing officer, Mike Stodola will be working with you). To see what’s available now you can go to

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