Are Your ‘Whys’ Holding You Back?

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Life can be a series of regrets or happy memories. It all depends on the mindset you have. You can either let the ‘Why’ hinder your success or allow the ‘What’ to enhance your experiences in life.

‘Whys’ lead to a defensive phase, crippling our ability to perform well mentally!

‘Whys’ are killers, and they hold us back. They are past based answers. They magnify your emotions and distort the facts. They can create excuses and often trigger an internal conversation with yourself. The word ‘Why” is poisonous. It can evoke emotions from past experiences and impact future decisions.  This leads to the likelihood of defensive responses and reasons, excuses, rationalizations or justifications.

Why is not a part of the success language, so ditch it for a bright future!

So if you struggle with your mindset and want to break free of your traumatic past, you need to move on to ‘What’ and ‘How’ questions, which allow people to use their past effectively and stay focused in the present, where change really happens.

Concentrate on what your purpose in life is. Once you’ve realized the real reason of your existence, you’d get the confidence you need to trudge along with zeal and enthusiasm.

Let go of your frustrations once and for all. Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and get a new lease on life. Turn your struggles into success stories and prove yourself to the world!

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  1. Michelle

    Thanks for sharing, and I couldn’t agree more! In so many instances in life we are encouraged to ask “Why” thinking it will help us figure things out, when really it’s hindering any chance of moving forward and keeping us looped in the past.

    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      Glad this was an important message for you, Michelle.

  2. Jamie Allen

    So excited you are bringing Mind Models to the forefront! Great explanation of the problem in asking “why?” It is unfortunate that MLMs are known for having their recruits ask Why?” Just think how more successful they would be if they had you coach them on this concept instead!

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