Healing Childhood Loss

Dr. Elva Edwards is an entrepreneur and has shown incredible commitment to her business.  She has been named a top expert and guest contributor for Powerful Professionals.  Her success in her field has given her a prominent name among her peers.  To find out more about Dr. Edwards, visit www.HealingChildhoodLoss.com.

Did you lose a parent when you were a child? My parents were both killed, but there are other ways to lose a parent like abandonment, abuse, addiction, adoption, divorce, indifference, military deployment, prison and sickness. I know, it isn’t something you normally talk about. Why? It is painful.

And that is why I dedicated my website, www.HealingChildhoodLoss.com, to healing from the loss of a parent when you were a child.

Now as an adult you live out the impact of your childhood loss. Your childhood is where your thoughts and behaviors originated. It was your beginning in life. Most of your imprints, which are the patterns and “downloads” you received in childhood, create the way you respond to your circumstances in your life today. What kind of set up for adulthood did you get in your childhood?

I know because when I was 19-months-old, my parents were both instantly gone. They both died as the result of a car accident that killed 5 people and orphaned 12 children. My mother, father and grandmother were killed that night while my sister and I were orphaned. The story, as well as my healing, is detailed in my book, “A Texas Tragedy: Orphaned by Bootleggers.”

If you lost a parent, that experience was the major event in life.
If you
*lack confidence
*can’t stand up for yourself
*try to please other people more than yourself
*talk bad about yourself in your head
*are faltering in your career
*find relationships don’t have the love you are looking for
*spend time wishing things had been different
*have emotions that are difficult or impossible to handle effectively
*have illness that might be related to your childhood trauma
please visit my website, take my classes and either begin your journey of healing or deepen the healing journey you are already on.

Everyone needs help in life. Receive the help you need in the comfort of your own home. One of my biggest forgiveness processes was forgiving myself for not having realized the impact the loss of my parents had on me earlier. I wondered, how could I be 40 years old and never have investigated the accident that defined my life and its impact on my life? As I searched for self-forgiveness, the answer became clear. We do it when we can. Let today be the day you can.

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