Get Raving Fans (and Sales) This Week

“Yeah, you blend.”

This was Marissa Tomei’s character’s response when speaking to Vinnie about his lack of “fitting in” while in the small town where they were stuck in “My Cousin Vinnie.”

Vinnie got it right. Same is lame.

Being the same as everyone else is first off impossible, because we were all created differently, and secondly a crying shame, because then you and those you were created for never get to experience the amazing gift that is you. Uniquely you.

When you lean into your unique self and live it out loud, you attract your perfect prospects to you. Those who will find you a joy to work with and will become your super fans. And the others will be repelled away.

And good news, you (and I) weren’t created for those who are jerk faces.

Like the couple of people who are on my trainings each week who literally type into the chat box that they find me annoying. Glad they discovered that early enough so we can both part ways. Because I am not changing. So they’ve got to go to make space for the incredible person that I was created for who will come next.

Not everyone will resonate with that message. And I am okay with that.

For example, in my marketing, I share a few controversial things that are uniquely me, like that God is awesome and loves you and when you listen to him, fantastic things happen in your business, and you are meant to be paid well for doing the work you were uniquely created to do. This will certainly turn some people off.

Nor will everyone enjoy my mentions of my love for shoes (aka my art collection) or the asides I pop in my writing. This will annoy the bazookas out of more people than it attracts. But for those it does, they are “my people” who I was created to serve. And they fuel me.

I was recently asked at a dinner party how I can travel so much and not be exhausted. The reason is because of the people I serve. When I go to events I get to talk to the most incredible people who I’m privileged to meet every time I speak. People who are driven with passion and a big “why.” People who love their families and want to take care of them better than they ever did before. People who have strong faith and a lot of hustle. You know, the best kind of people. Ever.

And my guess is, the kind of person who is just like you.

This year, don’t hide who you are under any bushel basket (NO!). Share more of who you are in your messaging and you will find you attract more of your most ideal prospects into your business who you can’t wait to serve. They will not only become your customers, but your raving fans.

I can’t wait to cheer you on.

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  1. Ben Benita

    EXACTLY!!!! I LOVE that people take the time to listen to a webinar or Podcast and then complain that they don’t like me!!! Ummmm, here’s a thought, THEN DON’T LISTEN!!!

    Always better to have an active following than a “BIG” following. SO SO SO many people get caught up in having 10,000, 100,000, or even 1,000,000 followers or people on their mailing lists.

    I’d take only 100 as long as they were ACTUAL RAVING FANS!!!

    Love Your Stuff!!!

  2. Hey Kim! I appreciate your post. Thanks for the reminder to be ourselves. I’ve got no problem with you talking about your faith in God…and shoes! Looking forward to continuing to share my faith in the Lord as I live out being a musician and entrepreneur. Keep the faith!

  3. This is a brilliant reminder for me to always be myself and never deprive those I was made to impact of anything. Thank you very much Kim.

  4. Its definitely a life-changing lesson That some people are just negative. Sometimes a particular message or leader is not for you. Why bother to throw an insult or hateful remark on the way out? Is good to know that they are the problem, and it has nothing to do with you.

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