Giving them pleasure (instead of pain)

7 ounces of meat, vegetables, 1 piece of fruit and lots and lots of water.  Plus I have to give myself a shot daily and I paid over $1,000 to do this…

Why would I pay to be tortured?

Quick results, of course.  Fitting in my closet full of designer clothes from before I started having babies. And achieving a goal I set for myself for 2017. 

While I should care that losing over 30 pounds will help prevent heart disease, prevent diabetes, and make me much more likely to see my girls become moms someday, that was not my driving factor. I wanted measurable results and I wanted them fast.

I, like most humans, are drawn towards pleasure, not towards preventing pain.

And so are your prospects.

Yet, so many of the offers from other businesses are focused on pain. Report titles such as…

“The 5 Ways You are Losing Leads on Your Website”

“The 7 Mistakes You are Making in Your Sales Appts that Lose Sales”

“How Hiring a Bad Plumber Can Cost You Thousands”

While these aren’t inherently terrible, they aren’t nearly as strong as an offer that leads your target market towards pleasure.  Such as our signature offer:

How To Get 10,000 Facebook Fans In Less Than 72 Hours…LIVE!

(and get PAID to do it!!!)

This one headline has brought in over a million dollars worth of recurring revenue into my business.

Here’s a formula to follow that mirrors our 10,000 Fans one:

How to _______________ (awesome outcome) in less than ____________________ (timeline) and ___________________ (extra pleasure point.)

And another formula:

“How to [list 3-4 goals they are trying to achieve/problems they are trying to solve/needs they are trying to fill separated by ellipses… you can also use benefits of what your product or service will do]?”


“How to Get 6-8 New Clients Every Month, Increase Your Fees, and Get More Referrals than Ever Before Using One Simple Tool”

How can you make your offer into one that attracts pleasure?

The key is, once you’ve established your incredible offer, send as many people through it as possible.  Because that is your game changer.

To discover how, join me for our FREE master class on how to launch your own social media cash machine.  To join me, click here. 

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