Going from $1,500 and a Bad Motel to Business Class and $40,000 for One Speaking Engagement (And other reasons it pays to become the Guru in your niche)

As I looked out on the crowd, I was a bit in shock. (Thankfully I could multi-task and be in shock while still speaking.)

Thousands were giving me their full attention.

I was on stage, after having flown my team to Moscow in Business Class… and I was being paid $40,000 to do it. After the one-day speaking engagement, we toured the city with a private guide, ate in the finest restaurants, and enjoyed the culture and people of the city.

It was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S.

This was quite a change from before when $1,500 was a lot to get for a speaking gig. Back then I had to stay in dive motels while flying economy, squished next to one too many larger-than-their-seats sweaty persons with bad hygiene.

This was a distinct change in direction, in authority, in celebrity in “cha-ching”…

None of it would have been possible if I had stayed small, too scared to build my tribe. It all started with 1, then 10,000, then 100,000, then 500,000…

…To now over a million in my tribe.

When I had a small audience, I practically had to beg for opportunities to speak and write (my super powers/favorite things to do/career BFFs.) And now they come to me directly…

When I spoke in Dubai and later in Moscow, the clients had approached me first. Each of these gigs paid $40,000+ plus travel expenses.

When I wrote the book “Instagram for Business,” it was because Entrepreneur Press approached me to write it and paid a 5-figure advance in order to get me to do it.

(Yes, please!)

Let’s be real, my friend. It is much nicer being chased than doing the chasing.

And it is because of my tribe and platform.

And you can do it, too. Plus, the good news is, it is so much easier to do now than when I started. Back then there was no Facebook. There was no Instagram. You couldn’t “broadcast live” from your phone. Everything was So. Much. Harder.

But today, you have all the tools at your fingertips right now and can get started right away to grow your tribe, build your celebrity and get the opportunities and fees you’ve been hungering for so long.

And thankfully, there is a system to follow. We know, because it works over and over again.

Goldmine your Brand : Everybody says you need a “Unique Selling Proposition.” But the reality is, your most unique asset is you. Personality marketing is the power behind most successful brands, for it is truly your number one competitive advantage.

For instance, look at two posts by Kevin O’Leary, Aka, Mr. Wonderful. One is featuring him while the other features a product:



Beyond “likes,” personality brands are worth more money. Bethenny Frankel sold her Skinny Girl Cocktail Brand to Beam Global for $100M because she had driven it with her personality.

What do you absolutely adore doing? As in, when you think of growing your business, what tasks bring you the most joy?

Do you love to write? Have a goal of being on stage in front of thousands? Want to have your own Podcast or Web TV show? Love people and want to be with them in person? Or would you rather stay in your jammies at home?

Whatever makes up you, this is your Unique Competitive Advantage (your UCA) because no one else in the world has the same blueprint.

Uncover Other Audiences: One of the turning points of my career was leaning into my UCA of Speaking. But instead of trying to create my own audience from the start (when I had no list and no following), I tapped into audiences that already existed.

And it paid off.

In the last year alone, with only 5 days of speaking, I brought in over a quarter million dollars. And my message has reached thousands. No promotion or venue costs required. I just got to show up and speak.

But maybe speaking on stage isn’t your thing. Maybe you want to be interviewed on one of the top podcasts, or contribute to someone’s blog, or be featured in a magazine…

Good news. This same strategy works. Because I used these channels, too.

Huge audiences have already been created for you. Get in front of them.

Rally Your Tribe: As you lean into your super powers and reach audiences that are already created, you will begin to find your own tribe of raving fans. That tribe will grow, and grow, and grow. And the thing is, they won’t just become your customers, clients, or patients. They are going to be your loyal following. Because they have chosen to follow you specifically since you were always your authentic self.

Pick a few of your favorite ways to stay in touch to keep your UCA in front of your tribe. This is where you can decide if you want to follow the Celebrity Posting Formula, the SEO Hack Blog Template, and/or start your own Web TV or Radio Show.

Unleash Your Power: As your audience grows, your job is to enjoy the journey and to take advantage of the opportunities that will now come your way because of your following.

Take for instance Bill Farrand, who got a book deal with Jack Canfield because he had grown his tribe:

“Just wanted to let you know I have over 100,000 fans since I started. This has landing be a book deal to co-author with Jack Canfield.

Thank you,
Bill Farrand”

And Stephanie Chung, a 7-Figure Sales Trainer, who got a speaking gig because of her blog. Stephanie shared:

“A company recently hired me to do a few coaching sessions for their US sales team due to my most recent blog post. That same blog also caused a gentleman from Slovenia to reach out to me to inquire about my training services. Slovenia! Wha, wha??

I only share these two stories because I know how committed you are to results so I wanted to close the loop and make you aware of the “results” my blog has produced. Bravo! Cheers!”

And that is just the start. From book deals, to speaking gigs, to media interviews and celebrity clients… opportunities abound when you grow your GURU Tribe.

The truth is… your tribe is waiting right now for you to Unleash Your Power. What are you waiting for?

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