The quickest way to a windfall… How to Run a Cash Surge Campaign

Ever hear the phrase “Make money while you are on vacation?” It always sounded way too good to be true to me.

Until it happened.

I was on the “It’s a small world” ride when it happened. I took a quick glance at my messages and saw sale after sale after sale.

It was my 40th birthday and I was celebrating by going on a VIP tour at Disney with my family and close friends. And I had just made more money than I would spend on the trip…

From a few emails I had written before leaving for vacation, we brought in almost $20,000. But the most delicious part was the money was generated when I WASN’T working!

The good news is that this wasn’t a haphazard phenomenon. The thousands of dollars generated were because we ran a “Cash Surge Campaign.” One that we have repeated over and over again, and you can too. (To checkout this FREE video where we show you how to have a 3-Day Payday! Click Here)

Here’s how it works…

  1. Pick a product, program, or service you currently offer and would like to sell more of.
  2. Develop a time-sensitive, outrageously enticing, can’t-say-no-to-it offer around it, such as:
    • A huge discount (for my 40th Birthday Cash Surge, we did 40% off all of my courses)
    • A big bonus (buy one course, get a second course)
    • Add-on gift (Sign up for our consulting services in the next three days and get a bonus campaign)
    • Upgrade option (get your tickets to our upcoming event in the next three days and you get a free VIP upgrade)
    • Write three emails promoting the cash surge (join us for a free workshop here and we’ll give you the full templates)
  3. Plan a way to celebrate your cash surge. (My favorites are getting a mani-pedi at the spa and/or dinner out with my husband that involves drinking Veuve, but you pick your own…)
  4. Send your emails out three days in a row.

By sending a quick succession of messages, offering a bonus, and giving a time-sensitive call to action, you move the lookie-loos and on-the-fencers forward and give a nice big sale day for your company. All without spending a dime on advertising.

Ready for your own cash surge? Check out this FREE Workshop: The 3-Day Payday…How To Make More Money, Get More Appointments and Generate More Referrals THIS Weekend Than You Did Last Month!

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    How big is your mailing list? Any advice for building a list to a size that can deliver tmgesr results?

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