“How A DEAD-BROKE Hairdresser Made Me $843,744 In Real Estate”

Several years ago I was at marketing conference and during one of the breaks while talking with the person next to me he suddenly asked me a question I still remember to this day.

“Do you want to know how a dead-broke hairdresser made me $843,744 in real estate?” He asked.

“Now that’s a headline!” I thought to myself before asking him to continue.

The short of the story was that he used to own a number of properties in Las Vegas and in a conversation with his hair dresser one day she told him she too was a real estate investor.

In asking her about financing she said she was “dead-broke” but there were special bank programs where they didn’t verify income and so she was currently under contract to buy three properties.


That’s was the straw that broke the camels back, so to speak, and before the end of the month he put all of his investment properties on the market because he now had first hand knowledge of these fishy loans that he’d heard about and the fact that someone with no money could become an investor was too much for him and he decided to take his gains and sell.

Less than a year later the real estate market bubble burst in Las Vegas and while it was far from it’s low point, according to online estimates, if he had waited to sell he would have lost $843,744 in the past year in combined value on his properties.

Thing is…it was a case that if something seems too good to be true it probably is!

He’d always needed to put 30%-40% down on investment properties, show income and assets and the fact that they were handing out loans to people with no down payment, crappy credit, and no assets was “too good to be true.”

And he was three quarters of a million dollars richer because of it!

That said, there are times in life when even though things sound too good to be true, they aren’t.

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