How I Got 23,038 New Leads In The Last 90 Days!

Here’s a little story of how we’ve attracted over 23,000 new leads in the last 90 days…and more importantly how we’ve turned those leads into $362,277.07.

But to really understand this so you can duplicate the process I’ve got to take a second to give you some useful background info…don’t worry…it’s lucrative info by itself plus I included a crazy video if you get bored.

There are eight ways to really grow your business.

We call them the 8 Business Breakthroughs.

Most people only know of two or three of them and unfortunately seldom concentrate on any relying on the false belief “If I have a give service/if I sell good products, than I’ll be successful.”

The first three of the eight breakthroughs are Attract, Capture and Convert. Let me ‘splain.

Virtually all marketing is spent on breakthrough numero uno…ATTRACT.

This is getting more people to your website, into your store/office, more calls, more emails more “hits” you name it. It’s getting eyeballs (more importantly the right eyeballs) on you.

This can take the form of billboards, TV, mailers, ads in magazines, signage, Google Ads, Facebook ads, SEO, Instagram, Facebook Live, and even those people who stand on the street flipping around signs like crazy.

The thing is most of the time, or at least the most scalable, and controllable forms of attraction COST money.

And attraction, in and of itself, doesn’t make you a single penny. That’s where the other seven Breakthroughs come into play.

Number two is CAPTURE and sadly most businesses don’t do this at all, and the ones that do, often do is not as step two, but only after a sale.

If you think of attraction as getting prospects, then CAPTURE is what turns them into a lead because it gives you the ability to follow-up with that person.

This is everything from asking for a name and email online, to a phone number, to those little cards on the table at restaurants, to the fillbowl by the cash register so you can win lunch for 10 people from your office. But think about the last time you provided your information without making a purchase?

Furthermore, think about how many purchases you make and never need to provide your information. Most businesses skip step two entirely and it costs them hundreds of thousands of dollars, and if it sounds like I’m exaggerating here…I probably am…UNDERSTATING the value of capture.

Now let’s talk about step three CONVERSION. This it the first time the money and time you’ve spent starts to pay off…and for many who don’t know the remaining 5 Breakthroughs, it’s the last. But, you can build a nice little business just getting these first 3 steps right.

Let’s look at it this way, a prospect is someone who walks into your store/office/visits your website etc… CONVERSION happens when they actually buy something from you. CHA-CHING!

Many businesses skip step two entirely so for most, people simply go from being a prospect (through ATTRACTION) to being a customer/client/patient (through CONVERSION).

But if the had become a lead (through CAPTURE) first, it’d have given the business owner the ability to follow-up with someone who didn’t buy, and use Breakthroughs 5, 7 and 8. We’ll talk about those another time. For now though let’s focus on the steps one, two and three, and now that you know those, I’ll show you how we ATTRACTED 23,038 leads and turned that into over $360,000 in sales.

First we had to attract people and to do that we used Facebook Ads and drove people to landing pages like this one.

Then we CAPTURED leads. When you click on the button above you get to a this screen.

This allows us to follow up with leads and also use breakthroughs 5, 7 and 8.

This then drove the leads (they are now leads instead of prospects because we have their name and email) to a page where they could become a member of Powerful Professionals after they registered for the live class. These various live classes had a variety of outcomes but most lead to a product that usually sells for $1,997 but on the webinar was offered for just $997. That page looked like this.

In all this CONVERTED those 23,000+ leads into 3,043 buyers for programs ranging from $100 to $1,997 and over $362,000 in sales!

This all started with the attracting leads through Facebook with programs like “How to Get 10,000 Fans In Less Than 72 Hours…And Get Paid To Do It.” This program usually sells for $97…but through midnight Monday you can get the entire program for just $9 and save $88 dollars.

If you’re interested in discovering how to ATTRACT, CAPTURE and CONVERT and create your own online cash machine…just click here now and get the entire program for a single payment of just $9. 





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