How My “Passive Income” Business Hit Over $1.1 Million Last Year

This past weekend was one of the highlights of my life. I took my team on a cruise to celebrate the sale of my agency. I’ll post a compilation video we made soon, but here’s a few sneak pictures from the weekend:

When I sold my agency, Elite Digital Group, I already had another million-dollar business in place. One that I had been able to grow while still running the agency.


My “side hustle” isn’t based on my “fee per hour” or a ton of my time. It is made up of programs and products that leverage my expertise instead of my labor. It is comprised of products and programs that I created once and get to sell over and over again.

Like our 12-Minute Social Media Cash Machine.

While the agency, Elite Digital Group, does social media services for clients each month and requires time and staff to perform that work, the course was already created so each time it is sells it doesn’t require any of my time, except to hop into the private Facebook group and get on the monthly live office hour calls which I really enjoy doing.

That program alone has brought in $764,699 as of today 😉

To bring in that same amount of revenue, we would need about 57.

And don’t get me wrong, I loved working with private clients. It is why I started my agency in the first place and ran it for 17 years. But there aren’t enough hours in the day to serve all that I can reach with my digital programs. Now I get to literally work with people around the world 365 days a year… while actually spending a lot less time working.

In fact, as I write this, my kids are sleeping a few feet away in our hotel suite. They have off from school this week so I took them with me for the few speaking engagements I have. In between my stage time we’ll enjoy the resorts (my girls and I have never found a hot tub we didn’t like… proof that I am raising them right) and the cities we will visit this week. My new business requires so little of my time that I have freedom to work from anywhere and enjoy much more time with my family.

Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t magic. There is some work up front for sure but you’ll put in a little work now and enjoy the results forever.

Want your own “passive income” machine? Join me for a live presentation of “How to Get Paid To Get Buyers From Facebook In Just 12 Minutes A Day While Sipping Your Morning Coffee.”

I cannot wait to see you there!

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    I knew that I should have asked for your autograph years ago…congratulations to a very impressive leader!

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