How to Be the Kim Kardashian or Vin Diesel of Your Niche


The phone rings and it is “Good Morning America.” They want you to come on tomorrow morning and be interviewed. For the rest of the day you are telling everyone you know including that jerk from high school who married the hot spouse that you are going to be on national television in the morning.

Because this is the awesome moment you’ve been waiting for.

You wake up the next morning, put your fancy on and go on the set. After getting dolled up by their styling team, you go on set. And when you are asked what you have to share, you start talking about other people’s expertise. You talk about Bob Smith’s Top 10 list of favorite apps. And Joan Lilly’s most recent article.

Wait what?

You mean you wouldn’t go on a national TV show and share someone else’s expert content? You would instead want to showcase how you are the expert?


Now the question is, do you use your current platforms of social media and website to share how you are better than anyone else in the world to meet the needs of your market? If not, then you are missing your “Good Morning America” opportunity every day. There are 100x more people on social media than watching all morning news shows combined.

So what do you do instead?

Thankfully, it is easy to create an expert content plan that sets you up as the celebrity of your niche, attracts the perfect prospect, and gets you paid more each time.

Start with these steps…

  1. Get a professional headshot:

When I see someone using a selfie as their headshot photo it instantly screams, “I am not the expert.” It is unprofessional and gives off the immediate wrong impression.

I mean, selfie? Really?

We have a total of 9 seconds to grab someone’s attention and to make an impression.

If you take into consideration how quickly someone can scroll through their newsfeed, the time is cut in half. What do you want your picture to say about you? What do you want your prospects, clients/customers/patients, and future employees to think of you when they see your photo?

Get a professional photo taken. And do it when you are at your best.

Wear tailored, pressed clothing. Get your hair and make-up done with an on-site stylist (for men and women). I am blessed to have a full-time assistant who is also my stylist (shout-out to the amazing Taylor!), but you can easily find someone who can come to you via Thumbtack, Prive, Glam Squad, or even Wedding Wire.

This isn’t about changing your look. This is about looking like the best you, and for that, I leave it to the professionals.

  1. Have Your Cover Photos Professionally Designed

Trying to piecemeal together a good look for your Cover Photo with Canva or WordSwag is not easy and while I used to teach that you should try to do this yourself… I am changing my tune. Most people just don’t have an innate eye for design and it is 100% worth it to hire a professional to do this for you. Check out or Pickle if you are looking for ongoing design support. And have them design a cover photo for all of your social media platforms.

  1. Put Out Expert Content

Spend one half-day a month to create your content for that month and you can leverage it over and over again.

First pick a theme for the month, and then write your four blog posts to support it.

  1.  Set goals
  2.  Develop a monthly theme that supports your sales goals
  3.  Create weekly sub-topics that fit in each monthly theme
  4.  Develop supporting content

Example for IT Services:

  • Set goals: Sell Cyber Security Audits
  • Develop a monthly theme that supports your sales goals: How To Protect Yourself From Being Hacked
  • Create weekly sub-topics that fit in each monthly theme: Is your email being sold on the dark web? Mistakes Employees Make, Policies to Prevent Being Hacked, and Hacking Case Study
  • Develop supporting content: write blog series and newsletter articles

4. Spread The Word

Now that you’ve gotten your pretty on with your photo, and cover photo, written and written your expert content, it is time to spread the word about your fabulous self.

For each of those blog posts…

  1. Write posts promoting the articles and run them on all of your social media platforms

  1. Turn them into a Facebook Live that links to the blog:

This is the incredible way to get a lot of free promotion of your post. In fact, Facebook gives you 6x more reach with Facebook Lives than other posts. (As in FREE advertising!)

  1. Get repeat use of all your posts! Use an automated posting program like MeetEdgar to re-circulate your content and continue to reach your market. This way every article you ever write can continue to get your new prime prospects over and over again.

Most importantly, stay consistent. Becoming the celebrity of your niche is not a once and done tactic. But playing the long game can reap big rewards.

Say cheese.

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