How to craft your “Irresistible Offer”

“Congratulations Sarah, Bob, Mark, Latisha, Thomas, Anthony, Donna…”

I was reading off the names of those who has just enrolled in our 12-Minute Social Media Cash Machine, our leading program, and I was freaking out a little (okay, a lot) inside. We had surpassed a five-figure sales day, and we would be able to serve all of our new students with something that would make their businesses (and lives) better.

We had unlocked our “Irresistible Offer.”

And this would just be the first of many days of celebration…

Since we created our Signature Talk we have generated over a million dollars in sales from this one webinar and speech. From just 1/1/18 to 3/12/18, we brought in $318,476 in sales.

All starting with One Irresistible Offer.

Want to know the fastest way to make 2018 your year of “biggest business growth” without adding more work to your plate?

Craft your Irresistible Offer

To get started, answer these questions for your target market:

  • Uncover what is their biggest paint point/worst symptom that you can heal or the problem you can solve.

What is the #1 thing that keeps your prospect up at night? As in, how would they answer this question… “If I could just….”


  • If I could just take my family on vacation without the stress of worrying how we would pay for it.
  • If I could just wear a swimsuit on the beach this summer without feeling embarrassed.
  • If I could just make it to all of my child’s soccer games this spring and not have to be tied to my phone while there.
  • If I could just bring in enough money so my spouse could quit the job they hate.
  • What objections does your prospect need to overcome in order to take action in solving their problem?

Make a list of all the reasons why your prospect might not move forward. You will address these directly in your Irresistible Offer. Some of the biggest:

  • Fear that they won’t be able to achieve success in the program: Face it, we all worry that when we move forward, a program won’t work like the examples given in the sales pitch. We worry that the examples given are unique and not like us, and while it worked for them, it probably won’t work for us.

Overcome this objection by giving multiple real examples of success stories, testimonials from your happiest customers and most importantly, a guarantee. While the program may have worked for thousands of people, if your prospect is that one in a million that it doesn’t work for, put them at ease knowing there is no risk because he or she can easily withdraw enrollment.

  • Fear that there isn’t time to get a program done: Time constraints are real. The reality is we have never been as busy before as we are right now. But there has never been a better time than this very moment to dominate success. While getting your program done right now may take extra time, it will multiply your time and money later with the shortcut to victory it will provide when complete.
  • Make your offer so good it is next to impossible to resist.

Given the choice, most will put off today what they think they can do tomorrow. When it comes to making your offer irresistible, a time sensitive call to action is a must. The stacking of value with bonuses and time-sensitive fast action add-ons should be so good that is gives you butterflies for offering it.

We stack more than $10,000 worth of bonuses in our time sensitive call to action and for many, it’s that extra nudge they need in order to enroll.

When we created our Irresistible Offer, it truly took away the stress of our business, because now every day, we have predictable leads and sales coming in. And best of all, we are able to serve so many with a program that is making their businesses (and lives) better.

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