How to Create a Power Hour


At the end of March, that will be the number of minutes that passed during this first quarter of 2019.

As the next quarter kicks off, how would you like to 10x your productivity in just one hour?

Chances are, you set some pretty fantastic goals for yourself in January. What if you used that hour to get those big dreams moved from “wishing” to action?

And get this… there isn’t some magic formula or complicated system to follow. All this requires is a bit of determination sprinkled with a little chutzpah…

You simply use a time hack I call the Power Hour.

The thing is, we all have a certain time of day that is most productive for us and in which we do our best work. For me, it’s early morning. I know from 5:00-6:00 am every day I do my best work. I plan that hour accordingly ahead of time so I always know exactly what I will be working on. 

I’m not going to lie, doing so has required some sacrifice. I get up at 4:45 am every day so I am ready to work by 5:00 am with a hot cup of coffee in hand (because that is one sacrifice I am not willing to make). Also, I had to change my workout to the evenings after I put my kids to bed because I am not willing to lose my most productive time for something that doesn’t require brain power.

What I am able to get done weekly because of the Power Hour?

  • Write a daily email to my list
  • Create a weekly blog post (aka the one you are reading right now)
  • Work on my two books set to come out later this year
  • Serve as Editor in Chief of RISE Magazine and contribute a minimum of four articles per issue
  • Post daily in all social media channels
  • Personally reach out to a minimum of 3 people in my Dream 100 each week
  • Record episodes for at least two podcasts per week
  • Answer Voxer Messages from our Mastermind members
  • Jump into our Facebook Groups, celebrate our member wins and answer questions
  • And much, much more…

Want to try a Power Hour? Plan ahead.

As in… plan ahead of time what you are going to do with that time.

Yeah, yeah. I know… you’re all like… “But Kim, I never know what’s happening in my day! How can I start with a plan?”

That’s the beauty of a Power Hour. It is your time and you can plan it anyway you like.

Think back to your MOST productive days ever… chances are you were on deadline, about to go on vacation, or had set meetings during the day and time chunks in between where you were working on fixed time constraints.

See a pattern?

Yet this method doesn’t have to be reserved for the day before vacation or random meeting days. You can and should work to the clock to get more accomplished every single day.

(Get my exact formula for getting the clock to work for you in our 21-Day Made to Thrive Challenge.)

I mapped out exactly what is happening during my Power Hour every single day for weeks to come. This strategy keeps my target goals on track and my dreams moving from wishes to accomplished.

Start with one hour a week, then increase it to two days, then three and so on until you are managing more and more of your time. As you do, you will continue to see your productivity increase and you will look forward to your Power Hour every chance you can work “in the zone.”

Planning on implementing a Power Hour? Let me know in the comments.

And if you want to up-level your productivity and make your dreams become accomplished goals, check out our Made to Thrive Challenge Here.
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  1. I recently started a Power Hour but was unsure what I was doing and as such my time was usually squandered.
    But now I will plan ahead what I am going to do and get productive.
    This whole planning thing seems to be a common thread with the successful people.
    Planning is now my middle name.
    Great blog Kim.

    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      So happy you found it helpful, Robert Planning Clark 😉

  2. I agree! Great article, I am going to switch my workout to later in the day when I tend to hit a wall and do the power hour in the morning when I am more productive.

  3. Kathy

    I am working on what would be the best time for me as my day is not always my own. However, getting up earlier doesn’t work either because that creates chaos in the house. Time for rule #1: When I am working go somewhere else, leave me alone and then you can have me for a while. Going to try that and see how it works. Thanks Kim

  4. Judith Dew

    I want to login to this site and pick up where I left off. It won’t accept my
    password, however, and I was directed to this site. Will you please direct
    me with a link for creating a new password.

  5. Great advice! I will add a Power Hour to my #madetothrive planner starting today and plan out the next week of Power Hours! Thanks, Kim 🙂

  6. Thanks, Kim – I usually do my workout and then my planning first thing in the morning, usually starting at 6 AM. This week I am going to move the workout to the late afternoon and plan our my power hour the night before – so I will know what exactly I will be working on before hand.

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