How To Create Interest In Your Lead Magnet

When you are building your platform, expanding your e-mail list is one of the most important things you can do. Without a list, you have no audience with whom to share your message.

Before launching your promotions, establishing a connection with your audience is vital and can help you achieve more opt-ins for free. Next week, we will fully address launching the promotions plan for your lead magnet; however, before we do, there are a few strategic moves you can make to build interest in the topic upon which your lead magnet is focused.

Here are a few of my favorite easy ways to build interest before launching a promotional campaign (Tweet this):

  1. Ask your audience about their number-one question concerning your topic. This will not only give you copy points but also allow you to include the question in your lead magnet promotion; it will start to attract interest before you launch it. You can simply pose the question to one Facebook Group and then boost the post with a few extra dollars to expand its reach.
  2. Write up the answers to the survey question posed as a blog post so that you can create multiple social media posts on the topic. Offer a commentary on the problem without proposing a solution. Remember, you are building interest in your future lead magnet resource, not solving the problem.
  3. Pull nuggets from your lead magnet and turn them into social media posts. Create images using design apps such as PicMonkey and Canva to increase shareability and engagement. Start to run these posts before you launch your magnet.
  4. Share your lead magnet first with your inner circle, including members, Facebook Groups, private coaches, or clients. Let them know that they have the lead magnet before sharing with the public to further encourage them to share with their own networks. The fact that they have the magnet before others is advantageous because it gives them something of interest to share.

Once you launch your magnet, you can insert links to any posts mentioning the topic to leverage further incoming traffic. This way, you will help to create interest before you launch and receive more opt-ins before launching paid traffic and you can continue to leverage it once you lead magnet is posted as well.

Try these strategies, and let me know what you think in the comments section.

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