How to Crush Your 2019 Goals, Guaranteed

Want to ensure your 2019 goals happen, without fail?

Embrace these simple, yet life changing ideas, and reaching the finish line for whatever goal you set will become not only plausible, but inevitable.

And they are…

1. You aren’t dumb if you don’t know something.

News flash… no one comes out of the womb knowing how to grow a business, how to get customers, or have a best-selling book. No one. There are teachers out there, like yours truly, because there are a bunch of people who have yet to discover how to do things they will eventually do amazingly well. Not knowing how to do something right now does not preclude you from ever doing it. It just means, if you are serious enough about it, you’ve got to invest a little time and resources into it so you can go from not knowing, to knowing, and then eventually, perhaps becoming the expert in it, like so many of our Powerful Professional Members.

2. There is already someone doing exactly what you want to do/are planning on doing/hope to do someday, and that doesn’t matter.

Do you think Oprah gets up each morning and thinks, “Oh biscuits… someone already has a magazine, a talk show, a cable channel and a weight loss program. So I can’t do my thing today.” Or does Buddy Valastro, Aka “The Cake Boss,” think…”Oh no! There are so many bakeries already. And geesh, even the grocery stores and Amazon Prime now have custom cakes… I can’t possibly sell mine.”

Oh heck, no.

They go out there every single day and do their thing and serve their market knowing very well that there are others out there doing the same thing already.

In my niche of marketing and motivation, there are 4,567,987 “gurus.” Yet, I’ve got a message to tell, people to serve, and a fire to fuel. What others are doing is not going to stop me for one second. There is definitely someone already doing your thing. And this is no reason to stop you from doing yours.

3. Dreaming or hoping will not make it so. But scheduling it and being accountable will.

There is dreaming and there is doing. These are two different things and I have found that the ONLY way to get the important done – the things that really matter but aren’t urgent, as in not currently on fire – done, is to not “hope” to get them done but to schedule to get them done, and to be accountable to at least one other person to make sure it happens.I have always done this to move the needle professionally and personally. Whenever I’ve tried to bypass the process, guess what? It doesn’t work. From writing my books, to getting exercise, to spending tech-free quality time with my family… scheduling and accountability are non-negotiables. (Want to dive deeper? I created a system and even a planner to make this a reality. Click here for yours.

4. Being bold is not offensive.

I used to try to “blend in,” to conform to small thinking and small dreams. Far be it for me to make others feel uncomfortable or think that I’m trying to “make myself seem better than them.” Thankfully I got over that.Being bold doesn’t mean I put anyone down. It means I’m living my purpose boldly. I dream big. I play hard and I conquer much. And I’ll celebrate your wins if you’re one that is cool with celebrating mine. And man, I love to celebrate a good win.

You are too amazing to stay quiet because your incredible self might make others feel bad. Your amazing self has a world to change and you can’t do that quietly, after all.

5. You can’t get where you are going by staying where you are.

Okay, obvious, but sometimes, not so much. If you want 2019 to be different, better, more incredible than last year, you’ve got to do something different. A different schedule, different activities, different circle, different environment… something has got to change somehow. Don’t go changing all at once, but pick one thing right now, this very moment, and change it immediately and tell someone you trust about it. See what happens after a month and then go and change something else. Victories are not won by staying comfortable. They require risk and a bit of chutzpah. And you’ve got that for sure.

Ready? I thought so. Go out and set forth because you are exactly what the world needs right now.

Here’s to your 2019, my friend. May it be filled with many moments of love, joy, and reasons to celebrate.

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