How To Get 157 Leads This Week For Free

I remember the first time, like it was yesterday. And it wasn’t pretty.

I sounded extra nasally. More than my normal super-nasally self.

I looked rough… the bags under my eyes had extra suitcases along for that day’s journey. I looked like I hadn’t slept since before Al Gore invented the internet.

Yet it was still so freaking worth it.

Because that day I grew my email list, got new followers on Facebook, and brought in a $25,000 sale for my agency… all for free.

I was hooooooooked.

And in spite of the fact that I didn’t like the way I sounded or looked, I kept at it, and within a week, I had reached over 100,000 people… for FREE!

So what was this super effective, fits-in-the-palm-of-your-hand strategy that worked like a charm and was totally free?

Facebook Live.

Yup, Facebook’s free live broadcasting option can bring your message, mission, and money magnets to thousands every single day and it doesn’t have to cost a dime.

While you might struggle to get your regular posts seen, Facebook wants your video content and will distribute it to others for free because they want the content to reach its users.

What the heck to talk about

In this free workshop I’ll go over what equipment to use and the exact scripting to follow (sign up for that bad boy right here), but in the meantime, you can start brainstorming topics for your Facebook Live Video.

  1. A Series of Expert Knowledge Drops: Put together a list of 5 tips and jump on live to share one at a time over 5 days. For example, a realtor might do a series on staging your home, a marketer could share 5 ideas for email marketing, and a nutritionist 5 yummy foods that will boost your metabolism (sign me up!).
  2. Give it Always, in All Ways: Share a tip or strategy from another media channel of yours such as your ebook, blog, or newsletter and then link back to that content.
  3. Promote Your Juicy Carrot:Dole out a tip or strategy from your Juicy Carrot and then link to your offer in the video description. This will work to directly push people through your Juicy Carrot and Profit Maximizer… aka, will bring in the Benjamins.
  4. Who’s in the Know:Interview one of your best clients, partners, or colleagues about their case study or their expertise (let them give a tip while you can just sit back and look cute, er positioned as the expert interviewing them). This sets both of you up as the celebrity and authority and gives you content they are likely to share with their networks, increasing the chance that your video will be shared virally. (More free advertising!)
  5. Put Them on the Spot, in a Good Way: Promote to your email subscribers and social media followers a time and day you will hold a Facebook Live Video session. Ask for questions ahead of time and answer while you are live and on-air.

Would you like a script for your next Facebook Live Video? Join me for a free live masterclass where I will give the full Facebook Live Script template for the most leads and sales, the free equipment to use, and a few upgrades you can make when you’re ready. (Hint, lighting is our friend.)

To join me, click here now.

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  1. I bought and spent $125 and executed the 10k likes but how do I leverage those likes to actually get paid clients and income?

    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      Hi Melissa!
      This training will show you how to do just that. Click the link at the bottom of the article to get signed up for free.

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