How to Get and Keep a Personal Assistant for $29/Month

Looking for a way to multiply your time? You should.

Think about it… what is the most profitable thing you can do each hour? Are there things getting in the way from letting you spend time doing what is most profitable?

Hourly ROI is the new black.

And I practice what I preach… as in, I use as many ways to multiply my time as possible. If my tasks won’t earn me a rate of $3,500 per hour, I will most likely delegate it away. If it won’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense. (Get it?!)

One of my favorite resources for getting tasks done is a little ol’ site called Fancy Hands.  (It sounds dirty, but it isn’t.)  It’s a resource to save you time and get tasks done.

(Here’s my fancy pants referral link to check it out: http://fhands.com/l7CsVpP)

Pricing is very inexpensive, with the starting package less than $30 a month.

Use this site to get the little things done that are annoying and not profitable.  For instance… buying gifts, making reservations, or doing research.

Such as…

  • Research the most popular content on your niche topic to inspire your upcoming blog post series.
  • Pull top quotes from Pinterest to come up with your upcoming social media posts.
  • Find descriptions of websites, apps, or tools for an upcoming blog post or your Juicy Carrots.
  • Sign you up as an affiliate for a product, program, or service you want to promote.
  • Send gifts on your behalf (up to $100) to anyone you’d like… your Mastermind members, mother-in-law, or newest hire… they will come up with ideas and purchase them for you.
  • Argue bills on your behalf. I recently had a terrible airport limo experience and they fought the bill on my behalf and got money back for me.
  • Call and wait on hold (then they call to connect you), for something you have to wait on hold for a long time… think airline, cable company, etc.
  • Research best flight options for an upcoming trip.
  • Find best restaurants when traveling to entertain guests.
  • Contact prospects to schedule a meeting.

Your time is valuable. Outsource the mundane to keep each minute of your day as profitable as possible… keep your sanity and your cash!

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  1. How can I create traffic for my site and drive multiple streams of traffic from social media?

    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      Aaron, have you gone through my free training on turning Facebook fans into cash-paying customers? Our next live webcast is Friday if you can join us: powerfulprofessionals.com/getpaidfb

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