How To Grow Your Prospect List Faster, Without Spending More Money on Advertising

Stephanie Chung sold very expensive parts for very expensive private jets and was very, very good at it. She consistently ranked as one of the top sales people at her company and was a coveted sales trainer because of her mad skills.When she launched her sales consulting firm, it was another story. She was basically starting over again to attract her perfect prospect and close the sale. And while we all may fantasize about people just falling out of thin air and becoming our clients (admit it, you do too), it doesn’t work that way. Without a strategy and system, we have to rely on passive word of mouth, which we cannot control. And since hope, while delightful at children’s birthday parties, is not a business strategy, this just doesn’t cut it.

Stephanie hired my firm to get her more clients and we started with the same structure I have shared with you through this series. Research, blog post, and then this week’s topic: capturing prospects’ contact information.

Stephanie shared: “A company recently hired me to do a few coaching sessions for their US sales team due to my most recent blog post. That same blog also caused a gentleman from Slovenia to reach out to me to inquire about my training services. Slovenia! Wha, wha??

I only share these two stories because I know how committed you are to results so I wanted to close the loop and make you aware of the “results” your work has produced. Bravo!


Week One in this series we went over finding out what your prospect really wants and last week I shared how to launch a sales-driven content plan. This week let’s look at how to get more contact information for those who are visiting your website to read that fabulously valuable writing of yours.

Here enters your Godfather Offer… an offer so valuable it can’t be refused ?

The secret to running an effective Godfather Offer is to give your prospect something that saves them money or time. Or both.

Some things that tend to work really well:

  1. Checklist or template
  2. List of tools, apps, helpful websites, etc.
  3. Copy-and-paste script
  4. Contest to win a fabulous prize

Notice “opt-ing in for our newsletter” is not an option. So if that is what you have now and it is not working, don’t be surprised. Because it doesn’t work.

And as far as how to use this piece to actually collect contact information? You will need a third-party form on there. A super duper easy peasy lemon squeezey way to do it is to use LeadPages. 

So get cranking on creating your first lead magnet and let me know what you think in the comments section.

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