How to hand off tasks for less than $30 (and free up your day)

You know that saying: “You can’t get new results doing the same thing?”

How about trying something different… like freeing up some of your time by handing some of your to do list to someone else?

As the founder of two 7-figure businesses, four-time best-selling author, speaker, mom, wife and reality show fan… time and my sanity are at a premium.

To get everything done and keep my sense of humor, I pray, drink coffee, belong to a wine subscription and outsource. In fact, if I can find a “hack” that is budget friendly and doesn’t comprise on quality, I use it.

Here are a few of my favorites you can use to get more of that precious ole time back for this year.

  1. Fancy Hands ($29/month)

The name sounds dirty, but it helps me clean up my act. Fancy Hands is your ultimate VA/personal assistant on call to get things done. You can text, email, or use a web portal to put in requests that can range anywhere from “Schedule a meeting with Bob Smith,” to “Contact the printer and request a refund for 12 pages being printed backwards,” to “Find me a great gift for my coaching client who likes to hike.”

One of the ways I use this service is by going through my list of to-dos for the week. I’ll scan for any task items that can be handed over to FancyHands, like scheduling my weekly blowout appointments, making dinner reservations for an upcoming work trip, etc, then I put it in the FancyHands portal, and it’s off my list. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

  1. Shipt $14/month

If you ever wished items from Target could just magically appear in your home, this hack is for you. Shipt picks up and delivers items from Target, Publix, and many other retail locations within two hours of you ordering. There is no upcharge on products purchased and you can decide how much you want to tip.

I use this for our family’s mid-week grocery needs, my “oh I forgot to buy that” items needed to pack before a trip, and work emergencies, like yesterday, when my headset broke just an hour before our webinar. Shipt, once again, saved the day.

  1. Door Dash $1 delivery fee

On days that are short on time, I want to spend that time with my family and not cooking a complicated meal. But I also don’t want to serve up pizza several times a week. In comes Door Dash that delivers food from many restaurants in the area, so you get the variety of eating out while still being home in your pjs. (Swoon.) Here in Alpharetta, GA, one of my favorite places to order from is the Thai Restaurant Nahm, in case you ever want to send me their coconut sticky rice. Just saying.

As a bonus, they deliver Starbucks, which comes in very handy on certain launch days…

Click here to get $7 off your first order.

  1. GrubHub Free-$5 delivery fee

Another restaurant delivery service. This one’s marketing will make you giggle: “You can rest your finger now so it’s ready to eat some sushi in a bit. Your order is being prepared.”

The selection on GrubHub for Alpharetta, GA, is not as good as Door Dash, but when I travel, GrubHub is usually the winner.

Click here to see what’s available in your area and get $12 off your first order.

  1. Fiverr

From transcribing your latest Facebook Live to creating a blog header, to having a promo email proofread… Fiver can get it done with tasks starting at only $5. What can you outsource? How about…

Graphics & Design

Logo Design

Business Cards & Stationery


Architecture & Floor Plans

3D Models & Product Design

Product Descriptions

T-Shirts & Merchandise

Presentation Design

Infographic Design

Technical Writing

Proofreading & Editing


Creative Writing

Research & Summaries

Articles & Blog Posts

Sales Copy

Press Releases


Legal Writing

Email Copy

Business Names & Slogans

Slideshows & Promo Videos

– App & Website Previews

– Book Trailers

– Slideshows

– Real Estate Promos

– Your Logo on…

Video Editing

Visual Effects

– Rotoscoping & Keying

– Color Grading

– Match Moving

– Compositing

– Cleanups

– Beauty Retouching

Lyric & Music Videos

Spokesperson Videos

Animated Characters & Modeling

Short Video Ads

Live Action Explainers

Product Photography


Music & Audio

Voice Over

Mixing & Mastering

– Music

– Podcast & Spoken Word


– Performance & Security

– Backup, Cloning & Migration

– Help/Consultation

Mobile Apps & Web

– Custom App

– Convert Site to App

– App Improvements

– Bug Fix

– Help/Consultation

Desktop applications

– Custom Application

– Application Improvements

– Bug Fixes

– Help/Consultation

Support & IT


Data Analysis & Reports

– Modeling

– Visualization

– Data Entry/Cleaning

– VBA/Macros

– Data Mining/Scraping

– Help/Consultation

Convert Files

– Convert to a Fillable Form

– Convert to an E-Book

– Convert to an Editable File

– Convert to Another File

Vector Tracing


Writing & Translation

Resumes & Cover Letters


– Optimization & Design

– Queries

– Help/Consultation

User Testing



How to build a website?

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

– Consultation & Audience Research

– Profile Setup & Integration

– Social Content

– Social Media Management

– Social Ad Campaigns

– Analytics & Tracking

– Social Ad Management & Optimization


– Page Optimization

– Technical SEO

– Off-Page SEO

– Competitor Analysis

Content Marketing

– Content Strategy & Research

– Content Creation

Video Marketing

– Consultation & Audience Research

– Social Video Enhancements

– Video SEO

– Video Promotion & Distribution

– Video Ad Campaigns

Email Marketing

– Copywriting

– Email Templates

– Email Platform Support

– Audience Development

Search & Display Marketing

– Setup & Strategy Consultation

– Search Engine Marketing

– Display Marketing Campaigns

– Product Ad Campaigns

– Remarketing

– Ad Review & Optimization

Marketing Strategy


– Survey Creation

– Analysis

Web Analytics

– Setup

– Tracking & Reporting

– Optimization

– Bug Fixes

Influencer Marketing

– Strategy & Research

– Shoutouts & Promotion

Local Listings

Domain Research

E-Commerce Marketing

– Product Listings

– Product & Storefront SEO

Mobile Advertising

– App Store Optimization

– Mobile Ad Campaigns

Music Promotion

Web Traffic

Portraits & Caricatures

Cartoons & Comics

Flyers & Brochures

Book & Album Covers

Packaging Design

Web & Mobile Design

– Wireframe UX

– Graphic UI

– Icons & Buttons

Producers & Composers


Session Musicians & Singers

Website Content

Jingles & Drops

– Jingles

– Drops

Sound Effects



Virtual Assistant

– Research

– File Conversion

– Admin & Support

Data Entry

Market Research

Business Plans

Branding Services

Legal Consulting

Financial Consulting

Business Tips


Career Advice

Flyer Distribution


Fun & Lifestyle

Online Lessons

Arts & Crafts

Relationship Advice

Health, Nutrition & Fitness

Astrology & Readings

Spiritual & Healing

Family & Genealogy


Greeting Cards & Videos

Your Message On Viral Videos

Pranks & Stunts

Celebrity Impersonators


Global Culture


Programming & Tech


– Full Website Creation

– Customization

– Bug Fixes

– Landing Page

– WP Installation & Setup

– Performance & SEO

– Backup, Cloning & Migration

– Security

– Help/Consultation

Website Builders & CMS

– Full Website Creation

– Customization

– Bug Fixes

– Landing Page

– Theme/Plugin Installation

– Performance & Security

– Backup, Cloning & Migration

– Help/Consultation

Web Programming

– Custom Website

– Web Application

– Bug Fixes

– Email Template

– Convert PSD

– Scripting

– Custom Landing Page

– Help/Consultation


– Full Website Creation

– Customization

– Bug Fixes

– Theme/Plugin

Social Media Design

Banner Ads

Photoshop Editing

Video & Animation

Whiteboard & Animated Explainers

Intros & Outros

Logo Animation

Just to name a few…

6. Amazon Prime $12.99/month

I’ve had Amazon Prime for years now and use it almost daily. Literally. Now that there is same-day delivery available for most items, why waste time and money going to the store when those needed office supplies, birthday party gifts, or beach cover-up can come to you?

And in January, all Prime members get two free Kindle books. Click here to get yours now.


7. VIP Bag Delivery

This past holiday we traveled for two weeks with 8 bags. (Insert laugh track. Except it wasn’t funny.)

This service was ah-may-zing. They pick up your bags from baggage claim and deliver them to your final destination, allowing you to skip the wait and skip the schlep. I would only do this when rushed or if we had a lot of luggage, but totally worth it.

Have a favorite hack? Add it to the comments?

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    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      Of course! Looking forward to seeing you soon, Lisa.

  1. I’ve used Fiverr before, sometimes with good results, some not so good. I’ve been a prime member forever and love it. As for the other services we don’t have any of them in our area or anything like them. The best we have is a few pizza places that deliver. Great list if you live in an area where these services are offered.

    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      I hope the “good” start to outweigh the “not so good.” We use them a lot, Kathy. Love their transcription services.

  2. I’ve used doordash and GrubHub before and if I’m in the mood for that they work great. I use all the time as well as Amazon Prime. Thanks for the tip on the other stuff. You rock!

    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      Anytime! If it helps me, I know others will get great use from it.

  3. Inga

    This is a fantastic list Kim! I will be checking out a few of these!

  4. Elizabeth

    Excellent info, have a few already, but totally going to hit up Fiverr, thank you!

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