How to Launch Your Own Six-Figure Funnel

They do grow up too fast, don’t they?  Occasionally I’ll lay with my kids at night as they fall asleep and on more than one occasion have found myself wishing for time to stand still. Or at least for them to stop growing—and not just because my third grader is already almost as tall as me. (She totally gets those tall genes from her 4’11” momma.)

Time is fleeting.

That’s why this school year with my girls, ages 6 and 8, I cut back on work hours and travel.  While we were living in New Jersey I had a full-time nanny, but when we moved, I decided to cut back my working hours and only have a babysitter after school for a few hours three days a week.

I also decided to travel much less. Now I only travel Wednesday through Friday and limit my travel to no more than 4 nights away per month.

What happened to our revenue as I went part-time? Did our sales go down? Did our revenues plummet?

(If this answer was yes, this would be a terrible blog.)

The fourth quarter just started, and our revenue is already 121% ahead of all of last year.  121%!

(Happy dances for everyone!)

But how could this be? Work less and make more?

You see, my friend, anytime I create a new program, the work is done once and yet we make money each time it sells. Anytime someone joins our membership, it is pure profit. (And a bell rings because an angel just got its wings. Or something like that.)

I don’t earn money on what I do. I earn money on what I know.

And so could you. And so could Elise. (And I’ll tell her as soon as she’s done with my project.)

Elise is a home organizer I hired to help me with unpacking and organizing our new home. She didn’t just “put stuff away.” She created systems for each room of the house. Not only do they flow better, but they are more enjoyable.

When we first met for her consult she said she would turn each of our closets and storage areas to not only be organized but “feel like the finest store we get to shop in for free.” I really didn’t know what that meant, but somehow, she pulled it off. So much so that while I planned on hiring her for just one little project, I’ve had her working for me for several weeks now to turn every room of the house into an oasis of deliciousness.

Here’s the thing though—Elise only makes money when she works right now. She is earning an hourly wage and that requires her to physically do the work to get the money. If she is under the weather and can’t work, or goes on vacation, she doesn’t earn any revenue.

But Elise could offer a course on how to organize your home to make living more enjoyable.  Or even better would be a course where she taught others her system and how they too could become home organizers. This would be something she could sell 24/7 and wouldn’t require her to do the physical labor in order to earn a living.

Just like our Powerhouse member Todd Tramonte who is a real estate agent and has a coaching program and courses for other real estate agents. And Dr. Gonzalez, an OBGYN who has a program to teach other doctors how to create an automatic flow of new patients.

When you take your expertise and turn it into a course, you are leveraging what you know to create a massive return on investment.

And it doesn’t just have to be for bonus income.

Back when I still had my Marketing Agency, I ran a webinar where I sold a Facebook Marketing course. The purpose of this was to sell enough courses to pay for our lead generation and to use it to get more clients. And it worked. This one funnel alone is what turned my business around to become profitable and eventually lead to the sale of my company.

You can use your expertise to create income and support your other business.

Want to launch your own Six-Figure Funnel? Join us at http://powerfulprofessionals.com/4daymonth

I can’t wait to see you there.

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  1. Inspired by your story and success Kim.

    Killer sound bite:

    “I don’t get paid for what I do. I get paid for what I know.”

    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      Warms my heart to know I inspired someone. Thanks!

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