How to Quickly Grow Your Audience & Sales… In Just Four Steps

Imagine meeting the love of your life, while walking down the street in a crowded city. For a moment you lock eyes while passing by, instantly connect, and without more than a few seconds of conversation, decide to get married.

Other than some movie where there is a fairy godmother doing her thing, this would be impossible, right? Of course, it would.

Yet, that is what most Facebook marketing hopes will happen every single time they run an ad campaign. They launch an ad trying to sell something at hello. Passing by in a crowded space in a split second, trying to ask the prospect to marry them.

It doesn’t work that way.

The good news is you can take your prospect from stranger to customer in one transaction… all by first picking your “What’s Next” strategy and then by growing your audience.

You want the “next step” to be free, but so good that if it weren’t, people would pay for it. We call this step the “Juicy Carrot.” You are trying to attract as many bunnies (an animal that loves to multiply) to your offer as possible.

Here’s how:

Step One: Your Juicy Carrot

Before launching any audience-building campaign, always, always, always (and yes, always) figure out what you want your audience to do after they agree to follow you.

Having a “next step” Juicy Carrot ensures that there is ROI (aka, cha-ching) Because you aren’t just getting clicks, you are audience building, growing your list, and driving in sales.

A few of the many Juicy Carrot options to choose from:

1. Join Your List: Powerhouse member and photographer extraordinaire Lisa Roberti launched her Wildlife Guild so her followers could join her list and follow her photography safaris. Her passion is protecting our endangered wildlife and creating advocacy in her tribe.

2. Take a Free Gift: Inner Circle Mastermind member David Stelzl gives a Free Risk Assessment Template to his prospects, IT Firms, which they can use with their prospects to get more clients.

3. Free Webcast: Right on my Cover Photo, I am promoting our weekly webinar, How to Get 10,000 Facebook Fans in 72 Hours.

(Want to join me for this week’s workshop? Click here.)

4. Powerhouse members, Sabrina and Tristan offer “more information” on their certification program as the next step for their followers.

Step Two… Setting Up for Success

When you’ve figured out what your Juicy Carrot is, give yourself a fist bump. You are crushing this.

Then, put a link to that on all of your social media accounts. As you grow your followers, you always want them to know “what’s next.”

You are now officially a “direct response marketer” – as in one who cares about not just the sizzle but the steak too, aka, you want your marketing to produce results.

Step Three… Audience Growth

Want to grow your audience quickly without a big budget? This time no fairy godmother is required.

A few quick-win strategies to use:

1. Facebook: A little unknown targeting option on Facebook is “Worldwide.” If you launch a “Page Promotion” campaign targeting this audience, you can grow your audience quickly with very little ad spend. After a few days of going international, you can flip over to the U.S., or whatever your country of choice is, and get your local likes for pennies on the dollar.

We’ve generated over $56,743 in sales just from a Facebook fan coming to the page, clicking on the cover photo and becoming a customer. (Insert happy dance.)

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2. On Instagram, you can boost a post for just a few dollars and drive in hundreds of followers. Use posts that get the most interaction as your ads and you can quickly grow your audience.

Here’s how:

First, hit “Promote” under your post of choice:

Second, choose “Profile” as the thing to promote.

Then pick who you want to promote to:

Then, pick your budget:

And finally, confirm your choices.

Step Four: Scale

Of course there are dozens and dozens of things you can do to grow your audience, but just starting with these two will grow your following, build your list, and scale your business.

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