How To Reach Thousands Right Now

If you tell a great story but no one was there to hear it, did it count?

Probably not.

And that’s a crying shame, because friend, I know you have a great story to tell.

Whether you want to share a message about a product, program, or service, gathering an audience together to hear that message can be daunting.

It’s time consuming, costly, and seemingly next to impossible.

The good news is, there are already audiences gathered together just waiting to hear your message. No big promotions plan or marketing budget needed to get them… they are already waiting to hear from your fabulous self.

So where the heck are they?

Early on in my “I’ve got a story to tell, y’all” journey, I wanted to get my message out there but didn’t have more than a few friends (and my mom—hi mom!) following me on social media. I didn’t have a podcast or a web tv show like I do now. I wasn’t a best-selling author.

Nope, what I had was a few friends and some mighty fine tumbleweeds.

I didn’t have the budget to grow and audience… unless they took fear and anxiety as payment, because I sure did have a lot of that.

So instead of going deeper into debt to start getting my message out, I utilized other people’s audiences to grow my tribe. And you can, too.

These audiences NEED content and you have content to share so it’s a beautiful match. No Tinder required.

Here’s a few places to tap into those audiences…

1. Other people’s events.

If you are like me and your heart sings when you get to speak on stage, this one will be your jam. And good news, this jam pays very well. In just the past 6 months, speaking on other people’s stages has brought in more than a quarter million dollars. Getting paid to do something I love… yes, please.

2. Podcasts.

There are more than a half million shows and millions and millions of subscribers. Audiences are gathered ready to hear your brilliance. Just check out the stats on “Podcast Insights.”

Thousands of my buyers have come from a guest appearance on someone else’s show. And not going to lie… it’s kind of fun being the celebrity guest on other people’s programs.

3. Major Network Content.

From Forbes to Entrepreneur to Business Insider, major publications want content for their audiences. If you have a story to share, these audiences provide quick reach to qualified audiences. I’ve been in Inc, Forbes, Business Insider, and I have a weekly column for Entrepreneur Magazine. This “Instant Expert” status helps me attract qualified leads who already see me as the G.U.R.U. of my niche. Tap into these networks to build your own tribe quickly.

4. Other Tribe Leaders’ Content.

Whether it’s a guest article in someone else’s newsletter, a blog post on their website, or a Facebook Live Celebrity interview, content providers need your content, like it’s their job or something. Because it is. Early in my “Tribe Building” days, I wrote 12 guest articles a month for other people’s newsletters. And, not really. I wrote one article and sent it to 12 different publications. This “instant message share” was golden for tribe building. And to this day, I still write for a few other top tier publications… because I still love free audience reach.

Ready to tap into other people’s audiences? Click Here To See How To Grow Your Own Raving-Fan Audience Now.

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