How to Really Get Clients from Social Media Now

“I want to get on Facebook so I can buy stuff.” Said no one, ever. They are there to escape, be entertained and inspired. So, if you want to leverage the power of social media, you can't show up with a sale.

Besides people who get drunk in Vegas, no one wants to get married on the first date.

Instead follow: M.O.M.: Magnet, Opt-in, Monetize.

Magnet: First magnetically attract your perfect prospect with a message focused on solving their problem. Prospects should know right away who you serve and why should they care.

Opt-in: Take the lead off social as fast as possible, away from cute kitten videos and funny memes on social with a free gift bribe in exchange for the opt-in. For example, something that gives a quick win, like a list of tools they can use, works great. Even better, give a free course or training that doesn’t pitch anything but gives them a chance to get to know you right away. Leading them to think “wow, that is so good and its free! I wonder what the paid stuff is like!”

Monetize: Monetize your offer on the thank you page by selling a product or booking an appointment. Only 5-10% will be ready to buy just yet, but these amazing folks will fund your marketing. For the rest, you’ve now got their contact information, so you’ll follow up for when they are ready to buy.

If you just want to give value though on this page, you can simply tell your prospect to share your free gift on social. Again, most won’t but those that do will give you a lot of right-fit leads for free.

This strategy grew my marketing firm from struggling to a multiple 7 figure firm to exit and landed us on the Inc 5000 in 3 years of starting our new company.  Give value first, sell second and build a profitable company of people you love working with. After all, Mom (this one right here) knows best.

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