It was amazing but it wasn’t by accident.

Last month was a record-breaking launch of my newest Podcast, Made to Thrive, and it happened because of stacking… (more on that in a second).

Thanks to our tribe, it was the most successful podcast launch we’ve ever done.

Not only did we get massive podcast subscribers, but we grew our list and drove in sales. And the entire campaign took place over only 72 hours.

The good news is, you can do the same thing for your next podcast, book, or product launch.

This campaign starts by creating buzz around the mystery of “something is coming.” The build-up is all leading to the big announcement. When the announcement hits, you make the offer so good that you almost want to throw up because you feel like you are giving too much away. (Official way to know if it’s a good offer, btw.)

Here’s how we did it…

72 hours ahead of time
  1. Announcement: Scheduled a Facebook Live teasing a big announcement. This post created immediate social proof and started to build buzz.
  2. Social: Posted on Facebook and Instagram News Feeds and Insta Stories with a link to the Facebook Live Announcement.
  3. Pre-promotion: Asked Friends and Family to download episodes and post a review to create social proof before launching.
  4. Day-of promotion: We sent an email out in the morning inviting our list to attend, and I posted on social media.
  5. Starting-now promotion: When I went live, we sent out a notification via email and ManyChat.
  6. On air: Started the Live by asking folks where they were at and what beverage they were drinking to give the video juice and so more of my list would be alerted. Gave the incentive of a free Power Pack of goodies if they subscribed and a chance to win an iPad mini if they left a review.
  7. Post-announcement: Sent out a message to our Messenger list and sent an email out with a link to the promotion, and posted on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  8. Day-after announcement: Sent a follow-up email and posted on social media.

Using all of the channels together in a concentrated promotion allowed all of the work we had done before with creating an audience to pay off and produce a very successful podcast launch. Not only did we get podcast subscribers, we made sales of the Made to Thrive Planner and brought in new members.


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