How to Run a 72-Hour Profit Blitz with No Marketing Budget

This strategy is all about getting results super-fast with no expense.

In contrast to the last several days of my life…

I’m currently in the thick of un-packing aftermath and it still looks like a tornado just went through my house (or that I should be on a show about hoarders). You see, we used a moving company to unpack… meaning they took everything out of the boxes and laid it on every square inch surface of our home. They didn’t put anything away, they just took it out.

For someone who thrives on organization and neat and tidy environments, this is not ideal. And while we spent hours so far getting things organized, it is going slower than dial-up internet.

There is nothing worse than spending a bunch of time on something and not having it produce results.

In contrast, this week’s strategy is one that is really fast and gets immediate results. (Can I get an Amen?!)

It is called the Three-Day Payday.  And over the course of three days you will drive in immediate sales.

While I’ve shared this strategy before, this one has a new twist that will also drive leads.  So, it works whether or not you have an email list.

Here’s how it works:

Step One: Come up with your incentive.  This should be something that is so good it will drive your audience to action. (“$5 off two dinner entrees Monday to Thursday” is not going to cut it.) Some great examples:

  • Free gift for taking action. One of our Powerful Professionals, Ona Smith, ran a promotion that for three days, if you came into her store, you got a free travel umbrella. I used this strategy for prospect calls back when I still had the agency. I offered a “Free Client Attraction Toolkit” for anyone who booked a prospect meeting and landed 5 new clients that week. It was then that I had to figure out what was actually in the new “Client Attraction Toolkit.”
  • Free gift with purchase: Giving an added bonus for making a purchase is a powerful way to drive action without having to discount. It’s how the makeup companies drive sales (this weekend only, get 10 free samples/totebag/lipstick). Works well for course purchases (free bonus course or coaching call) and professionals services too (free add-on service for 30 days). We used this strategy recently when selling tickets to our Two-Day Six-Figure Summit. If you ordered during the promotion, you received four bonus masterclasses.
  • Discount: The easiest one to do, of course, is a discount. It is my least favorite because it diminishes your profits and teaches your customers to wait for a special. But it can drive big sales. Especially if you are giving 30% or more off of your product, program, or service.

Step Two: Send out the campaign with a combination of emails and Facebook Live broadcasts to your fan base.

Day One:

  • Send out an email sharing a story of a customer, client, or patient you have worked with and who was helped/enjoyed/got something out of being your customer. Hint that a special promotion is coming.
  • Do a Facebook Live from your business page telling the same story and giving a call to action to check out the promotion.

Day Two:

  • Send out an email referring back to the story, but focus on the promotion. In the PS, share the time-sensitive call to action incentive.
  • Do a Facebook Live talking about the promotion and introduce the bonus.

Day Three:

  • Focus on the bonus and the deadline.
  • Do a Facebook Live with the same message.

Jennifer Sanchez, a top tier member of Powerhouse, ran one for her Medical Spa in honor of her father’s birthday and drove in over $27,000 in sales in less than three days.  Edward Armstrong, a member of Powerful Professionals, brought two new students to his Light Saber Academy (yes, it’s a thing) with his most recent campaign.

Recently when I was on a cruise vacation with my family, we sent one out and drove in over 5 figures in sales.  I literally made money while vacationing on the beach. (Insert happy dance here.)

Want to run your own 72-Hour Sales Blitz?

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  1. I am currently at a loss as to what I can offer for an incentive for the music ministry. I would like to entice the FB followers to visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel as well as watch and like the music video we released a couple weeks back. I suppose I could offer something like a free $25 or so Visa card to a winner selected at random, but that still doesn’t help generate a ROI for the ministry. I wonder if our short term goal should simply be to get as many as possible familiar with our music by subscribing to our YT channel, and at a later date begin to market our music for purchase.

    Any suggestions?

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