How I Made an Extra $161 Every Night While I Slept (Yes, I Know That Sounds Cliché)

Many course creators follow the same mantra…

“Build it and they will come.”

Other than a good Kevin Costner movie, this is not a winning formula.

Instead, follow the mantra…

“Sell it before you make it.”

When creating a course for the first time (or your next course), the best and most profitable way to validate a course idea before doing all of the work is to actually get paid for the program before you create it.

And the beautiful thing is, once the course is paid for, you can create it.  Then afterwards you get to sell it over and over again… all the work is already done.

You can literally “make money while you sleep.” I’m not going to lie, waking up to sales is one of the happiest ways to start the day… in-bed happy dances are the new black.

My first course, years ago, was sold for $97. This product gave us $3,000-$5,000 in sales each month which was enough to cover our office rent and pay for my assistant. That stress relief was a splendid thing and a game changer for me and my company.  Fast forward to today… our courses account for more than 50% of our company’s revenue, accruing over a million dollars in sales annually.

Happy dance, indeed.

In our program Product Launch Academy, I walk our students through launching their first or next program.  One of the most important steps in launching is getting feedback from potential customers before you launch or create the thing.

Here’s how to launch…

First, ask for feedback on the outline of your course. Second,  ask folks to become “Beta Testers” of the program, actually getting them to pay.  And that’s the thing—you’ve got to get them to pay in order for them to pay attention. If you offer your course for free, they aren’t going to take it seriously.

Here are two emails you can use—one to get feedback on the outline and one to get Beta Testers:

For review of outline:

Subject:  Help

Hi (name),

I just put together a new course that will (OUTCOME).  Would you be okay with me sending you the outline to get some feedback?

Thank you!


For purchase through Beta Testing:

Subject:  A thank you

Hi (name),

Thank you so much for your feedback on my course outline for (name of program and outcome).

I put up the landing page, and as a special thank you, I wanted to invite you to be a part of the Beta Test Group to go through the course for the first time. If you sign up to be in the Beta Group before (deadline), you may enroll for only $19. (When the course goes on sale for real, it will be $97.)


Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions.


Your Beta Testers will give you incredible feedback, testimonials you can use when you launch for real, and better yet… they will pay you to create your program.

I’m curious…

In the comments, let me know… if you had a magic wand and could launch your product tomorrow, what would it be?

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  1. This “Pilot test your product/service and viability of your business idea” sounds great. I currently live a life similar to the one you lived eons ago when you had to pawn your engagement ring, and have being spending money, a little money that seems like a fortune, in Facebook Ads that have not brought back income. If I had a “Magic Wand” I would love to have a simple (for an Forrest Gump type of guy or gal) that tells step by step how to get a group of people interested, then they´ll give me an email, then they pay for the Beta-test product/service, that´s it. As you say, generate enough to pay for groceries and rent, without trepidations. Thanks!

  2. THANKS SO MUCH for your wisdom. As for THOUSANDS AND PROBABLY MILLIONS of people, I would love to try your programs, but I am scared that this is another scam…or something that works for many but maybe not for me. I am soooooo close to purchasing it all, but still have hesitations. I actually own a music school…so I know I have a product to sell (who doesn’t want to learn an instrument, with step by step directions and tutoring); I’ve even just finished a film class, to learn how to make a professional video presentation. I hosted the class, so it was free for me, and I even made some from it, of course.

    But still…I am so tight with the budget right now. Barely making it…. I hope this doesn’t discourage others…because I know I speak for many!! Help!

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