How to Send One Email and Generate Thousands in Sales

Within seconds, someone signed up.

I smiled because it was working…just as it should.

We had just released an event to come to a one-day live workshop with me in Nashville, TN and within seconds of sending out the email, someone signed up. And then another…

Now, this wasn’t a free event. In fact, it is almost $500 to attend.

And this isn’t the best time of year to get people to pull out their wallet…filling Santa’s sleigh doesn’t happen with just fairy dust after all.

Yet, without question or thought, amazing entrepreneurs raised their hands and took out their wallets and committed their greatest asset, their time, to spending the day with me.


We had just launched a brand-new signature program, The Ultimate Audience Builder, how to grow your audience to thousands in less than 30 days, and offered a one-time upgrade to come do the program with me in person.

Almost instantly we sold thousands in dollars of the new course.  Without any paid ads, webinars or sales calls.

Simply emailing our list.


We did the very thing the new course teaches…we had grown our audience.  Not just in one place but many at the same time.

While I literally started with just 350 Facebook friends a few years ago, I now reach over a million people every single day online.

Now, don’t get me wrong…at first what I did didn’t work. I spent a really, really, really (did I say really?) long time trying to grow my tribe and while I’d get a fan here, a connection there, a follower right over here, it was a trickle.  A painful, keeps you up at midnight as the sink drips one drop at a time, trickle.


Until I discovered a system to grow my Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn audiences all at the same time. And a system for keeping all of my profiles up to date, engaging and driving in new followers and customers daily.

The secret is not to do what most do and run around like a new squirrel in a nut factory. But instead be like Mr. Fatty Squirrel who’s taken up permanent residence in my side yard…waits for me to leave the house and does one big attack, once a day getting all he needs from my trash.  (If anyone wants squirrel target practice, let me know. I have the perfect target.)

But I digress…

What I mean is, I don’t spend hours on social media. I have an in-out approach that drives everything to the same end—accomplishing the goal I set for the month. Whether that be to launch a new course, drive registrations to a webinar or sell tickets to an event.

All of my content development time is spent working toward the same goal. And in the process, I attract thousands of new followers, build a relationship with them and convert them into our students and members.

Do you want to grow your audience to thousands quickly? Check out our brand-new program, The Ultimate Audience Builder.   Get thousands of followers quickly and convert them into leads and sales.

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