When it comes to turning fans into customers, you have two options… either hope for it to happen, or make it happen.

In order to ensure more of your audience and followers turn from a lead to a sale, it is important that you always show them the “next step.”  Our brains were created to conserve energy and on their own, they won’t figure this out.

Making it clear and simple beats complicated and clever every time.

Some places to check:
  1. Is there a pop-up on your website offering an incentive for the web visitor to give you their contact information?
  2. Is there a link in the signature line of your email telling the recipient what to do next?
  3. Do all of your bios and descriptions on your social media pages have links to the next step?
  4. Does your Facebook Page Cover photo have an offer of how to work with you next? A few examples of great Cover Photos:

Tristan and Sabrina give a clear call-to-action to join them for their upcoming Masterclass.

David gives very clear instructions on where to go to sign up for his next webinar.

We promote our upcoming livecast.

What does your cover photo promote?  Your blog? Your email?

Try adding a next step to increase your lead-to-sale conversation and increase your ROI right away.

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  1. On a FB cover, how do you get the button on the cover picture? And how do you get it to work in sending the people where you want them to go? I know how to get the blue button below the cover to take them somewhere, but not on the cover itself, and that sounds like a great idea!

    Dr. Ada

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