How to Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Lead Magnet

“Director of Client Services.”
“Client Manager.”
“Strategy Consultant.”

Aka, LinkedIn headlines that tell me these people are sales reps.

To stand out in a crowded marketplace of LinkedIn profiles and turn your page into a lead attraction tool, be different. As in, be all about your prospect, not about you.

I put these strategies into place and soon thereafter got my first lead-turned-sale that came to me! I didn’t have to meet this person at a networking event or get the lead in via an introduction.

Want more of this?

When writing your LinkedIn Headline, answer three questions:

  1. Who do you serve?
  2. What do you do for them that is different?
  3. How does this make their life better?


Because no one cares where you went to school but they do care about how giving you their time and/or money will make their life better.

For example, I could have a headline of “Founder of Elite Digital Group and Powerful Professionals.” But, um, who cares? My momma. But she’s not going to pay me, so my headline can’t be for her.

Instead, my headline is, “The world’s #1 Social Media Lead Generation and Sales Expert.”

As in, you want more social media to stop being fluff and start driving leads and sales, I’m your one, and by the way, I’m the best at it.

My Chief Operating Officer Kelly LeMay is a nicer, more humble human than I am, and her headline is “I help clients put their marketing dollars to work and see measurable results.”

Take a look at your headline and ask yourself… is it about you or them? If the former, work to switch it to focus all about your target market. And as a bonus, when you change it, LinkedIn will shoot you to the top of the news-feed of your contacts, giving you a bonus sales opportunity.

What’s your LinkedIn headline? Share with me in the comments!

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