How We Grew Dave Dee’s Email List and Doubled His Money

When our client, Dave Dee, came to us to grow his email list, he wasn’t excited.

And why should he be?

According to Social Media Examiner’s annual survey, 70% of all businesses see no return on their investment when it comes to social media. 70%!!!

Every day, dollars are wasted on social media marketing. Constantly. Companies chase after popularity instead of profits. They run “clicks” campaigns without any measurable ROI. They spend more without any ROI-based reason.

This is why when our client, Dave Dee, came to us to grow his email list, he was skeptical. He’s a shrewd business owner who doesn’t want to see his money wasted.

Dave specializes in one-to-many selling and has taken the controversial stand of teaching “Mind Control,” leveraging his years as a magician and mentalist and his success with speaking from stage. His topic instantly brings a reaction after hearing it and whether it is good or bad, that is exactly what he is going for.

But could Facebook really work to give Dave an ROI? Could he grow his email list without wasting a lot of money?

Being the #1 experts on driving ROI with social media, we were ready to show him how it’s done.

We first started by promoting Dave’s expert value-driven gift for opt-ing in to his list, a 7-Figure Webinar Template.

Ads focused on the outcome of using his blueprint.

The ads clicked over to a landing page.

Instead of just sending opt-ins to a weak Thank You page, we monetized the marketing campaign.  For the Thank You page, visitors are given an amazing promotional offer of one of Dave’s best courses that’s usually $297 for only $47.

And it works.  In just the last week alone we have more than doubled Dave’s money. And the best part is, we continue to repeat this week after week.

Just a few of the buyers…

We spent $355 in ads and made a net profit of $631.81.

Best of all, we are repeating this, EVERY week! (We’re currently at 52 buyers with a profit of just over $1,300…in less than 3 weeks)

What crushes other marketing is not just that it works, it is that it doesn’t require a big budget. It doesn’t require a huge list.

It just calls for a little chutzpah, to be in the minority and demand results from your marketing.

Demand an ROI instead of waste.

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