How Your Marketing Can Fund Itself

Back in the day, I was broke in spite of working my tushie off, A large marketing budget was a luxury I never had. I was maxing out my credit cards to just keep the lights on in my business.

So I had to get scrappy and resourceful, experimenting with direct response and social media until I found something that worked. And boy did it ever.

Through this system, we have been able to bring thousands into our database as leads and turn them into customers. In just the last 90 days alone, we have generated 8,201 leads. And best of all, it was free.

In fact, we generated a 756% return on every dollar spent adding people to our email list.

The secret is we first give people something of value in exchange for their email address. Then on the thank you page, instead of simply thanking them for requesting information, we sell them something.

Then we give them something of value.

And finally, again we sell them something.

756% return on investment.


Here’s how it works: 

  1. They see an ad for our “Get 10,000 Facebook Fans in 72 Hours.”

  1. On the landing page they are offered a chance to buy the recordings for $7 up front.

  1. We hold 3 days of live trainings showing how to get 10,000 Fans.
  2. After each day’s broadcast, we offer the attendees who didn’t buy the recordings up front a chance to buy them.
  3. On the third day of the free training, we give attendees an opportunity to continue on with a program focused on monetizing their fans, growing their email list, getting new customers and generating sales. Students discover how to get paid to grow their email list.

Results of this campaign to date?

8,201 new people on our email list. 166 new members in Powerful Professionals $116,437 in sales. And a 206.88% return on investment.

Getting paid to grow our email list!

Want to discover how you can, too? Join us for How To Get Paid To Generate Buyers In Just 12 Minutes A Day While Sipping Your Morning Coffee” 

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