Launching a product, program, or service for under $5 (no really!)

I travel a lot with my children, both for family vacation and when I bring them on the road with me. One way I’ve made our trips more pleasurable is by eliminating the “Mom, can I have <INSERT TACKY GIFT SHOP SOUVENIR ITEM.>”

Instead, for each trip my children get a set budget and they can spend it on whatever tchotchkes they like. It is totally up to them and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

My youngest can be counted on to spend her whole budget on the first day on some stuffed animal, usually pink and glittery and squishy that she can hug the rest of the trip. My older daughter, however, will work her budget like a Dave Ramsey graduate. She will check prices and plan out her week, making sure she gets the most she can for the money she has. She always arrives home with several souvenirs and money left over to spend on a future trip.

I am a combination of my two girls—I want what I want now and I also want a great deal that will get me as much as I can always, especially when it comes to business.

Hence why I LOVE Facebook Live. It gives you immediate results and besides sending someone to a street corner to advertise your product, program, or service with a sandwich board (no, thank you), it is the MOST cost-effective mass marketing you can do. Plus, when using it to launch your next product, program, or service, it lets you test out your messaging for FREE prior to spending any money on marketing.

Here’s how to do it…

First: Go to and look up your topic to find out what questions people have about your niche.

Second: Develop a list of possible content ideas based on those questions.

Third: Schedule 4 Facebook Lives to test your content…

  1. Go to your Facebook Business Page
  2. Go to “Publishing Tools”
  3. Choose Facebook Live
  4. Describe the video and schedule it
  5. Pin your post to the top of your Facebook Page

Fourth: Hold your 4 Facebook Lives (Want a script? See below!)

Fifth: For the post that gets the most interaction, it’s boosting time baby… because you have a WINNER!

And each time you are going to promote something, you can do this all over again and use the winning messaging in your emails, all social media networks, and other marketing.

…Free Market Research with an ROI. Love it like you know you want to. Guilt free.

Want to discover a script to follow for your next Facebook live?

Click here to join me tomorrow to discover how I get 157 FREE leads a week using Facebook Live.

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    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      Thanks, Joe! Hope you can knock it out of the park with these tips.

  1. Woo hoo! I’m certainly going to use this to launch my contest now! Thanks Kim. You really ROCK!

    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      You got this, Sally! Hope your contest goes smoothly.

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